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Jim Lippard

This web page has remained fairly static for well over a decade, and I figured it was time to clean up broken links (most, but not quite all have been fixed) and upgrade to at least Web 1.5 if not quite Web 2.0. All the same information is here, but I hope this is a slightly better mobile/tablet experience and I may expand this format to more of the site over time.

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Additional site content is now reached either via the links across the top or via the menu links on the left (accessible via the three-line "hamburger" via mobile). Across the top are links to the main discord.org web page, to the Lippard Blog (fairly active from 2005-2011 and less so since then), to my recently (December 2023) revamped Skeptical Links site (all broken links fixed or removed), my Software (perl scripts, mainly security-related for OpenBSD, many recently updated to use OpenBSD's pledge and unveil functions), a list of my Publications, a site of Text Files, and an older section of my website, "Old Stuff." The menu on the left is a bit more frivolous and self explanatory. (22 December 2023)

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I'm not sure what I'll do with this going forward--it might be nice to move the blog content to my own site, or add some photo content. We'll see.

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