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Robin Hood Software: Censors

(See also: Robin Hood lawyers up).

Today, March 22, 2002, I started getting strange EMAIL. Most of them were illiterate, claimed I was persecuting those poor innocent spamming deceptive advertisers at Robin Hood Software. Most of them have faked 'From' information (as far as I can tell, based on the one response I've gotten back to my inquiries). All of them were cc'ed to my ISP's upstream provider or to [email protected] (me).

I went to Robin Hood Software's aptly-named "Dis-information site" and found this statement about these web pages:

   If like us you think this is absolutely disgusting, please feel free
   to send your complaints to his ISP [email protected] and tell them
   exactly what you think about Eric Lee Green's disgusting lies.

Awe, poor widdle babies, did I hurt your widdle feelings? Run to Mommy, I'm sure she'll change your little nappies and wipe your little bum and make you feel all better!

So there you have it: the latest campaign by Robin Hood Software is a campaign to censor this web site, to remove these pages detailing their disgusting campaign of spam and terror from the Internet.

From reading some of the strange emails sent to me, it appears that Robin Hood Software has sent EMAIL to their affiliates and customers claiming that I call all their customers pedophiles, and urging them to contact my upstream provider to get this site censored. This attempt at censorship is yet another disgraceful chapter in the strange and demented history of Robin Hood Software. This shows just how despicable the boys at Robin Hood Software really are: they will stop at no tactic in their campaign to terrorize and trick people into buying their bloated spamware.

Will they succeed in their attempt at censorship? Of course not. Nobody likes spammers, all they will succeed in doing is giving their little company yet another black eye. That won't stop them, of course -- nobody has ever accused the boys at Robin Hood Software of understanding the Internet. But don't worry, this expose' of their scandalous tactics isn't going away. Bastards who practice censorship never really succeed, as a certain wealthy and vindictive cult with a habit of suing its critics has found out to their horror.

Now, here's a question: Do you want to buy software from a company that engages in Big Brother tactics like censorship? Can you TRUST a company that engages in Big Brother tactics like censorship?

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