According to a letter from Carl Wieland, Managing Director of Australia's Creation Science Foundation to Jim Lippard dated June 22, 1994, Carl Baugh does not possess a degree in paleoanthropology from Clifford Wilson's Pacific College in Australia.

Baugh has claimed a "Masters Degree in Archaeology from Pacific College" and a "Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Anthropology from [the] College of Advanced Education." The latter institution is a small house in Irving, Texas, which shares the address of the Sherwood Baptist Church. The pastor of the church and the dean of the college are the same person: Rev. Don Davis. Davis says that Baugh's degree "through" CAE was granted "under the auspices of Clifford Wilson in Australia."

When Baugh was introduced at a 1983 creationism conference, the introducer stated that he was at work on his Ph.D. in paleoanthropology under the supervision of Clifford Wilson.

All of these and more details may be found in Kuban (1989a).