George Hansen letter in Saucer Smear vol. 42, no. 9, October 10, 1995, pp. 6-7

Parapsychologist GEORGE HANSEN writes as follows:

"In recent months there has been considerable attention given to charges of plagiarism by Robert Baker. For those of your readers unfamiliar with him, Baker is a Fellow of CSICOP and is considered a leading academic debunker of UFOs. Baker is to Klass as Jacobs is to Hopkins. Both Baker and Jacobs are professors who have written books on the paranormal, though each is 'less intellectually gifted' than his respective mentor.

"Baker has also coauthored books with Joe Nickell, who is now officially employed by CSICOP to lead their research. This raises questions about the intellectual integrity of the work to which Nickell attached his name. CSICOP and Nickell certainly need to publicly address this embarrassing state of affairs.

"Much of the credit for the exposure belongs to Jim Lippard, a skeptic from Arizona, who seems to be widely despised within CSICOP. Klass and Lippard have had a fair amount of contact, and perhaps Phil can enlighten us about the motives and characture [sic] of Lippard."