[beliefs] Re: No Subject

From: Kurt Youngmann ([email protected])
Date: Sun Sep 05 1999 - 04:20:47 MST

> You said:
> As a relatively new publication, ScRAM still has to prove its worth. The
> fact that it published plagiarized work in its first issue is not an
> auspicious start. That the plagiarer remains on its editorial board is not
> a good thing. That ScRAM's publisher, Prometheus, is having that plagiarer
> edit a book is a bad thing. If at length ScRAM actually publishes Long's
> study, it may prove an irretrievable embarrassment for the publication,
> indicating that its review process is suspect. I have not yet read the
> finished article, but no amount of editing can make a silk's purse out of
> the sow's ear that was Long's "experiment" in the first place.
> -- Larry Sarner & Linda Rosa

Seems I missed something a ways back. Can you please tell me which was the
plagiarized work and who the plagiarer is? I no longer have the issue in my

Thanx very much,

Kurt Youngmann
[email protected]

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