[beliefs] Re: charges of plagiarism

From: James J. Lippard ([email protected])
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 22:24:48 MST

On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Linda Rosa wrote:

> The definition of scientific plagiarism is claiming the work of others for
> your own. Bela Scheiber did that. For anyone's reference, Sampson has a
> copy of Sarner's 1992 17-page document. I believe I sent a copy to the
> Bullough's at the time. I remember Bonnie called me back, concerned that
> some of the fellow Sarner's criticisms of nursing sounded sexist.

Do you have any objection to providing me with a copy? I'd be happy to
compare the text of that document to the text of the various articles and
report on my findings.

> Scheiber and Selby are no strangers to questionable publication. Check
> their article in SI on the UAB TT study's "final report." The whole piece
> was built around a mere 3-page progress report, not the final report at
> all. To the best of our knowledge, no clarification was ever printed,
> though the matter was brought to the attention of SI editors.

The report referred to in the Scheiber and Selby article is


At the beginning, it describes itself as:

             Principal Investigator: Joan G. Turner
             Proposal # MDA 905-94-Z-0080
             Page 1


At the very end, it describes itself as:


             DATE: May 20, 1996

             PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Joan G. Turner, DSN, RN, CIC (LTC,
                USAR, NC)

             GRANT NUMBER: MDA 905-94-Z-0080

             TITLE: The Effect of Therapeutic Touch on Pain and Infection
                in Burn Patients

             DATE PROJECT INITIATED: 1October94

             PERIOD COVERED BY THIS REPORT: FROM 21Oct94 TO 30March96

Scheiber and Selby indicate that this report was obtained via Freedom of
Information Act request when TT proponents refused to supply a copy.

Your description implies that there is another, longer report that is the
real "final report." Where might I locate that, or any information about

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