[beliefs] Re: OT Voting Results

From: James J. Lippard ([email protected])
Date: Sat Sep 18 1999 - 19:33:50 MST

On Sat, 18 Sep 1999, Rosemary Jacobs wrote:

> "James J. Lippard" wrote:
> > I enjoy hearing viewpoints different from my own; that's how
> > learning occurs, and I like to learn new things.
> Are you on the HF list? That is the place to hear viewpoints of every persuasion. If you
> are not on it, how did you hear about this list? Many of us came here because we are tired
> of hearing all those viewpoints. We agree that many are erroneous and dangerous. We want to
> alert the public.

I'm not a subscriber on the HF list, though I've read a lot of postings in
the archives or which have been forwarded to me, which is where I heard of
this list.

My reading of Peter's message #81 to this list led me to believe quite the
opposite about this list--I thought this list was supposed to be more open
to disagreement than HF. Based on my reading of the past postings, it
seemed to me that there was more discussion here of meta-issues about what
constitute appropriate and effective critical techniques and methodology
than in HF. Am I mistaken about that?

> > It looks like your objectives are primarily focused at elimination of
> > silver supplements.
> If that is the idea you get from reading my webpage, either you have not read very much of it

The index (rose3) page emphasizes the silver stuff. I didn't look at the
three links under "Dietary Supplements" (btw, you have a typo on the name
of the first link in that category on the rose3 page). I didn't see
anything on your index page which had a title like "my
objectives"--perhaps you could have your "Introduction" link or your "FAQ"
include a more general introduction to your objectives with regard to
health fraud.

> http://homepages.together.net/~rjstan/rose3.html
> or I have failed miserably. If it is the latter, I would really like to know. If many in
> the audience I am trying to reach agree with you, I will try to find and correct the problem.
> Do you know about DSHEA?
> http://homepages.together.net/~rjstan/rose14.html
> What do you think of it? This is not a philosophical question. I don't want to discuss or
> debate it. I have a very strong position on it that everyone who has followed my posts and
> read my webpage knows about. Do you know about dietary supplements? Have you read my posts
> to this list? If you have, I'd be surprised to discover that you conclude that my objectives
> are primarily focused on the elimination of silver supplements.
> BTW, I have never proposed the elimination of silver supplements or anything else that does
> not injure a third party. I believe that people should be free to do whatever they want as
> long as they do not hurt someone else. If you want to smoke, that's fine with me, but don't
> sell cigarettes and tell people that the government doesn't know what it is talking about.
> Don't tell them that smoking doesn't cause lung CA when all the evidence indicates that it
> does. Drink all you want but don't get behind the wheel of a car when you're drunk. Ingest
> silver. Tell the world that you believe it has prevented you from getting cancer but don't
> claim there is evidence to substantiate your claim unless you can put the evidence on the
> table. If you want to practice TT and call it a religious practice, I don't care. If you
> claim that it is a medical procedure, you better substantiate your claim.

That philosophy sounds fairly similar to my own. I've read many, but not
all, of the postings to this list (reading the archives on the egroups.com
web pages).

I was not previously familiar with DSHEA; I'd be interested in seeing the
actual laws. I don't have an opinion on it one way or the other without
knowing more (what exactly does it say, what are the arguments for and
against it, what are the actual consequences, what are the proposed
alternatives, etc.). It does seem rather odd to me to have less stringent
standards for dietary supplements than for food ingredients, as reported
in your web page.

I thought I had read something where you argued that all of the silver
supplements *may* cause harm (except in the cases where there's really no
silver there at all, as you've indicated is often the case).

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