[beliefs] Re: OT Voting Results

From: James J. Lippard ([email protected])
Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 20:02:39 MST

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Rosemary Jacobs wrote:

> "James J. Lippard" wrote:
> > It seems to me that perhaps you would have some time to educate
> > individuals if you didn't waste so much of your time engaging me on
> > admittedly off-topic questioning such as this thread.
> Excuse me, Sir. You don't know me from Adam. Don't tell me how I can best spend my time.

I didn't tell you how you can best spend your time, I simply made an
observation about how things seem to me. You, by contrast, have certainly
told me how I can best spend my time. I don't understand why you don't
extend the same courtesy to me that you so indignantly expect from me.

> > Why don't we both move to more productive pursuits?
> Then educate yourself and come back when you know what our concerns are and when you know that you share
> them.
> > This is supposed to be the list where stuff gets done, isn't it?
> Right. And if I have to listen to academic discussions and scoldings from you, I don't have time to get

You don't have to listen to anything from me; feel free to set up a mail
filter that discards my mail unread, simply delete my messages without
reading them, or petition the moderator to have me thrown off the list, if
you like. I am unaware of any instance where I have scolded you, though
it seems to me that this entire message from you qualifies as either
a "scold" or "rant" aimed at me.

> anything done. They are distracting. Now if instead of finding things to scold me about you answered
> some of my relevant points, maybe we could all get something done. For instance, I asked if perhaps you
> could investigate and write an article on DSHEA for skeptic publications. The more articles the better.

It looks like Dr. Barrett has taken up that task and done a good job with
it. I'm sure he'd be happy to allow skeptical publications to reprint; if
he lacks contacts with _Skeptic_ magazine, I'd be delighted to put him in
touch. I personally lack the time to research and write such an article.

I am completely baffled by your remark about my "finding things to scold
[you] about" keeping you from getting something done. I am unaware of any
such scolding; I've simply been answering questions you've asked.

> In responding to my question about Becky and Paul you cut the following statement I made off, "You know I
> suspect that very few rational people would phone their doctor and say, 'Hey, Doc, this nurse down the
> street said she can feel energy coming from the human body with her bare hands and redirect it when it is
> going in the wrong direction to make my sick
> mother well again. Whata ya think?' However, a whole lot of people will be deceived by an actor doing
> an ad on prime time TV who claims that clinical trials by doctors have shown that the product he is
> pitching cures depression or increases mental alertness. Some may even buy those products and be
> injured by them. That includes Skeptics. There has got to be a way to tell the public about DSHEA and
> supplements. There has got to be a way to get an article posted for quackbusters. Ideas or
> suggestions?" Why didn't you choose to address this? Could it be that you don't know what ads I'm
> talking about? Could it be that you don't know that there have been serious adverse reactions to SJW and
> ginkgo? (Drug interactions) And that there are no good clinical trials showing that they are effective?
> I'm sorry, but I think you are in the wrong list. I think you belong on HF and I really cannot understand
> why you would want to be here and not there.

I think maybe I'll read both, and contribute to either as I see fit.
That may or may not include responding to further rants directed at me
from your direction. Most likely not; it doesn't seem likely to be a
productive use of my time or that of the other readers of the list.

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