Former affiliate speaks

It appears that not only do they rip off their customers via claims that their software will do more than it actually does (really, it'll stop you from going to jail? Just ask Scarfo about that!), but they also rip off their affiliates if at all possible. Here's an EMAIL from a former affiliate:
I've been working in the computing industry since 1998.  I was introduced
to a few gentelman in the summer of 1998, and became their technical
guru at a company called "XXX XXX XXXX."

This company was in the primary source of "adult entertainment."  They
had novelty shops, online stores, pr0n galleries, the whole nine yards.
 Around 2001, the .com bust had dwindled the economy some times, and
a 'long time customer' (from what I've been told) was fired for sexual
harassment--he had looked at our pr0n from his computer at work.  Managment,
 in their intellegent glory, come looking to me to see if there's a way
to prevent this from happening.  I scoff, and basically say, "No," as
my views are you shouldn't be looking at this stuff anyway, and other
ideas, such as a misleading domain name, just didn't seem appropiate
for our situation.

Around a week later, 'management' came back in with a piece of software,
 called "Evidence Eliminator."  He was *amazed* that such a piece of
software could 'wipe up' his computer.  He then proceeded to tell me
that he wants to place their banners and links in our pages to generate
some money, as well as save the customers computers.  We danced the dance,
 signed up for an account, and away we went.  Within our first month,
 we had generated around $1500 in revenue, and they were happy enough
that they bought copies of this for every computer we had on our network
(around 30).  My boss went to every computer personally and ran the software
(including trying to run it on  my linux box), and told everyone he knew
about it.

The economy changed a lot in 2002.  We were hit rather hard locally,
with a lot of people losing their jobs, and a lot of credit card fraud.
   Our company became so desperate, they even started UCE (something
I would not have a part of), and was TOS'ed by our ISP.  Domino by Domino,
 the empire tumbled--and when it did so, the affiliates we had were paid,
 and some of our affiliates that we were owed money to paid us.  However,
 when it was all said and done, When we left, Robin Hood Software owed
us somewhere in the neighboorhood of abour $1500.

Our "management" tried to collect with emails, letters, faxes...nothing.
   Finally, about a month and a half later, they get an email from some
guy at Robin Hood Software basically stating that they were SOL and that
they were not going to do anything about it.  Case closed.

If you'd like, you can republish this, hopefully to get some affiliates
to re think their agreement with EE.  They're a crooked company with
one purpose in life--to scare people who don't know better.

Eric Lee Green
Last modified: Mon Jul 21 09:59:36 MST 2003