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Andy Blows His Top -- and Steve Gibson says ENOUGH!

April 1, 2002

Now, Steve Gibson isn't exactly the most shy person around. If you've been by his web site, you'll see that he has a healthy respect for self-promotion. But even Steve has his limits, and the following post exceeded them by a HUGE margin -- enough to get Andy kicked off of as persona non grata.

It's really an entertaining piece of fiction that Andy spins, in a sick demented way. I'm not sure whether he knows this is fiction and is spinning it as just another part of his scandal-mongering campaign to sell his bloated spamware, or whether he truly believes it -- i.e., has cracked. I know that Andy's been showing some real signs of stress lately. He doesn't seem to like being the focus of so much attention. Awe, poor widdle bay-bay, did I hurt your widdle feelings? Go run to mum and let her kiss it to make it better!

From: "EE Support" 
Newsgroups: grc.privacy,
Subject: Eric Lee Green - narc sympathizer
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 21:22:56 +0100
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Eric Lee Green lies:

 "just geeky subversive lil old me"

Subversive, adj.
Intended or serving to subvert, especially intended to overthrow or
undermine an established government

The unpleasant contradiction:

Eric Lee Green is not a subversive, though he pays lip-service to subversive
groups such as Animal rights. In truth Eric Lee Green is an authoritarian -
a government suck-butt. He sucks up to the Federal Trade Commission, the
police and law-enforcement. According to Eric Lee Green, Robin Hood Software
is "criminal behavior", "suspect", "scam", "snake-oil", "illegal activity",
run by "low down", "despicable", "criminals", "cockroaches", "absolutely
nutters", "sleazy", "no ethics", "racketeers", "fraudsters", "scumbags",
"thugs", "libelers", "stupid", "nut cases", "bastards" "under
investigation", "violating the law", and whom Mr. Green wants to help be
"judge"d, and its customers (you) are "perverts", "sex fiends", "sick",
"militia types", "right-wing terrorists" or "stupid" "illiterate" "morons"
or "this class of people can never spell" or "dimwit".

These are the writings of an authoritarian.

Unsurprisingly Eric Lee Green claims he applied to work for the US Federal
government at LLNL.GOV but claims his job application was rejected.

Mr Green's writings enthuse digging in official government records,
gathering "proof", the "burden of proof", "incriminating evidence",
snooping, investigating, prying, statements from the National Security
Agency, "proper UK authorities", police officers handing out medals, his FBI
clearance, the Federal Trade Commission, and government authority as a cause
to suck-up to.

Eric Lee Green obviously enjoys brown-nosing the US government. His claim to
be "subversive" is a hollow lie.

Eric Lee Green talks like a government agent: "Whether you're caught or not,
you're still guilty." says Mr. Green.

Is it no wonder that Eric Lee Green so hates the Evidence Eliminator which
defeats forensic analysis software as used by police, government agencies,
etc. "I've cost these guys hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost
business" lies Mr Green who's "campaign" does not financially harm Robin
Hood Software's record sales, but tries to dis-inform and mis-lead anyone
who will listen, and promotes the US government and the authority of its
law-enforcement agencies.

Eric Lee Green's writings are a testimony to the power of Evidence
Eliminator to upset those government-types who want to snoop in your
computer. Eric Lee Green's Website has always been plastered in lies. His
intention is to reduce the security of Internet users who visit his site or
read his newsgroup spam which has virtually destroyed numerous newsgroups
and has served no purpose other than make thousands of people hate him. It
is precisely the anti-social haters like Eric Lee Green that Evidence
Eliminator was designed to protect us all from in the first place! Three
cheers for Eric Lee Green, the world's biggest idiot.


Best regards
EE Support

Have you read anything so incredibly paranoid and unprofessional in your life? Whoa! Talk about winner of the tin foil beanie award for April 2002! If you were wanting to buy from these people -- why? Why trust the contents of your hard drive to someone so unprofessional? How do you know that someone so delusional hasn't put a time bomb into the software that will destroy your hard drive if the software decides it isn't properly licensed? There are better alternatives out there, that get you the functionality of Evidence Eliminator for less money -- or for free. And you won't have to put up with the likes of Andy and his demented rantings either.

In other news, I tried to update Andy with current contact information:

From: Eric Lee Green 
Organization: BadTux: Linux Penguin Gone Bad (
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
To: [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected]
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 17:45:16 -0500
X-Mailer: KMail [version 1.3.1]
X-Eric-Conspiracy: There Is No Conspiracy
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Subject: Updated contact information
Status: RO
X-Status: S
Hi, I notice your latest missive on your aptly named "Dis-Information" page 
has an incorrect address for me. I have not lived at the address listed (on 
Van Buren Street) for close to five months now. My current contact 
information is:

      Green, Eric  [email protected]
      P.O. Box 91402
      Phoenix, AZ  85066-1402

I apologize for not updating my "whois" contact information in a timely 
manner during that time span, unfortunately, I have been somewhat occupied 
between engineering a new product for my employer, maintaining my web sites, 
and buying a new house. I would give you my current street address, but I am 
currently in the process of building a new house (and do not know when the 
contractors will finish with it), so I rented a box instead so that you could 
always be able to reach me with official documents. 

Note that I do not know who currently lives at the Van Buren Street address, 
and have no idea what reception someone would get there. It concerns me that 
you may be putting people's lives in dangers by directing them to that 
address when we have no idea who lives there (this being Phoenix, Arizona, a 
city known for its love of guns, and the Van Buren Street address being in a 
"rough" area of town). If, in the future, you wish to publish contact 
information, you may wish to contact me directly to verify such information. 

     Eric Lee Green

PS: This note is also being blind CC'ed to several independent parties, just 
in case questions about its contents come up in the future.

Unfortunately, these guys from spammingham are such lamers that they don't even know how to answer mail:

Delivered-To: [email protected]
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Delivered-To: [email protected]
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Received: from (HELO (
  by with SMTP; 2 Apr 2002 00:44:03 -0000
Received: from [] by []
        with RAW (XSMTP.PRO.v5.0.1.R)
        for ; Tue, 02 Apr 2002 01:39:30 +0100
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 01:39:30 +0100
From: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
Subject: re: Your email ref: Updated contact information
To: Eric Lee Green 
X-XSMTP-Deliver-To: [email protected]
Mime-Version: 1.0
X-Actual-From: [email protected]
Content-Type: text/plain;
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X-Status: N

Thanks for your mail sent to:
[email protected]

The email address [email protected] is a
generic address used only on our non-replyable automated
mailings, and on sites who cannot list our proper web-based
support URL.

Your mail has not yet been received by a real person.

Because the address [email protected] receives
almost nothing but spam (junk e-mail), mail to this address
is not read, but discarded.

If you are a legitimate sender, please note:

In order that we can properly deal with your question, it
must be sent to the correct department. Please click here
for the information you need:

This is the same address system as shown on our Website
under the "Tech Support" button and the same address as we
usually advise in our outgoing automated messages from our

Mail via this address will reach a real person (very few
spammers actually read the replies they get, so we do not
anticipate this address being abused much, if at all.)

We apologize for the inconvenience, but legitimate and often
urgent messages were being lost amidst the enormous influx
of junk e-mail sent to [email protected]  We
are taking this "screening" step principally for your own
benefit. Thanks in advance for your patience and

Best Regards
The Evidence Eliminator Support Team

Fuck it. I did more than my duty to save them from the consequences of their lame action of posting an incorrect address on their web site. My EMAIL address is public. They know how to reach me. If they're too lame to be able to answer their own EMAIL, I don't know what to say. I sure as hell am not going to waste a dollar on an international airmail stamp to mail a paper copy of my message to them -- these spammers already have $14.97 too much of my money for this domain name that their despicable campaign of scandal-mongering forced me to buy.

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