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RHS tries *AGAIN* to censor this site

Over the past five days I've gotten a couple of different messages from where Robin Hood Software claims I'm making false accusations against them and harassing them. First of all, everything that I say here is easily documented via a search at Google News Search or Google. Secondly, I had not modified this site in SIX MONTHS, and have sent a total of *TWO* EMAIL's to Robin Hood Software in the past 2 years. What's going on here?

All I can figure is this: This site is working. People are seeing this site, and not buying Evidence Eliminator. It's clear that Robin Hood Software is irritated and disturbed by this site, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of it, including lying to my ISP. Luckily anybody who's anybody in the ISP industry knows about those scumbags at Robin Hood Software, especially after the past two months of continuous Evidence Eliminator spam clogging every USENET newsgroup. I can imagine some system administrator at laughing at Robin Hood Software as they attempt to say I'm making false accusations that they're spammers. (BTW, as noted elsewhere, my accusation is that they foster and encourage their affiliates to spam via the way they have set up their affiliate program -- the guys at RHS aren't the brightest bulbs in the chandelier, but they're bright enough not to spam directly!).

In any event, I've already told those guys at Robin Hood Software how to get rid of this site -- just remove any reference to me on the Robin Hood Software web site, let me know you've done so (unlike Robin Hood Software, I'm easily reachable via EMAIL), and voila. The only thing motivating me to maintain this dot-sucks site is the fact that those scumbags still have my name on their web site, associating my good name with a disreputable scam operation. Otherwise, I would gladly replace the whole site with a black page with black text on a blank background saying "this site discontinued due to lack of interest."

Will the RHS morons accept that offer? Of course not. It's handy for them to have evidence of a vast "conspiracy" against them as they try to sell their bloated Visual BASIC spam-ware to every conspiracy nut on the planet. This makes it double-laughable that they're trying to get me kicked off my ISP... I suppose they hope they can then boast that they've struck a blow against the "conspiracy"? Oh well, whoever said logic and consistency was something associated with Robin Hood Software?

Last modified: Thu Aug 15 10:07:51 MST 2002