Robin Hood Software Hates Google

Here is what they say when you surf in from the Google search engine:
Public Information Warning from
 Our server has detected that you have surfed-in from the Google
 search engine. Beware three "Cyber-Stalkers" (nut-cases) abusing
 search engines to lie to the public about Evidence Eliminator? and
 damage your privacy:
 Stalker #1. Mr Eric Lee Green ("Evidence Eliminator Sucks") - Hate campaigner.
 Stalker #2. Radsoft.Net - failed competitor selling junk imitation software.
 Stalker #3. Mr Keith Little AKA 'PCHELP' - Hate campaigner & alleged child-stalker.
 Such is the nature of the Internet. If you are exposed to any
 malicious harassment from the above-named idiots, please click here
 for help and information. We hope you enjoy your visit to Evidence!

EE Support Team
Makes me feel good, that we're hurting them so bad that they have to diss us on their *FRONT PAGE*! WIll it succeed? Of course not. Giving your critics free advertising is *NEVER* good business practice. Besides, nobody likes spammers -- and Robin Hood Software is amongst the slimiest of the bunch, between their virus that takes over people's web browsers, and their deceptive advertising that threatens people with jail if they don't buy Evidence Eliminator.
Eric Lee Green
Last modified: Sat Jul 19 22:10:17 MST 2003