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EE spammers terrorize USENET

Between mid-May and today, EE spammers have terrorized USENET with a torrent of spam advertising Evidence Eliminator. One of the spammers even taunted us on the newsgroup alt.privacy, saying that he was getting over $1,000 a month by spamming Evidence Eliminator and he saw nothing wrong with spamming to do so. This spammer claimed to be a disabled person in Australia, and said "it beats the dole."

That brings up a moral question: is it okay to do evil things in order to make a living? Ken Lay thought so. So have a number of other corporate executives now laughing at us as their bankrupt (former) companies die behind them. All that seperates this Australian spammer from that gang of criminals is scale, not ethics or motivation. The motivation is, of course, "make lots of money", and the ethics is "If it makes money, it's ethical." This is ethically indefensible, whether you're Ken Lay or a disabled person in Australia.

Last modified: Thu Aug 15 09:53:02 MST 2002