The Golden Mallet Award

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From: [email protected] (Phoenix)
Subject: WINNERS: The Golden Mallet Award
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 13:33:00 -0700
Organization: Black Helicopters & Co.
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X-Newsreader: Yet Another NewsWatcher 2.4.0 Xref: It is about #%*#[email protected]%[email protected]!! time to announce the winners of the prestigious GOLDEN MALLET AWARD! This award is not a kook nor a maroon award. It is, rather, to recognize outstanding lifetime achievement in the spamfighting arts. Whether it be by cancel, by relentless complaint, by research, by spying behind enemy lines, this Award is meant to reward those grunts who've put up the longest hours with the greatest courage in the trenches. This award, given out every three months to honorees in the Email, Usenet and Rest-Of-Net categories, also is intended to serve as official recognition of The Best in the spamfighting effort. It is a true reward for a job well done, the medal of honor around the necks of those who, with mallet in hand, fearlessly exclaim: "BELIEVE ME MY COMRADES, IT WILL TAKE THE HEADS OF MANY SPAMMERS TO QUENCH THE THIRST OF MY REVENGE!!!" Or, simply do their humble part in service to make a better Net and better World. These people have helped save the Internet from its own shortsighted foes, and we are forever in their debt. Usenet - Doug Mackall, David Ritz Email - Jim Lippard, David O'Donnell Rest-Of-Net - Doktor DynaSoar Iridium The proprietor of this award echoes the masses in extending his utmost praise, thanks and congratulations to the winners. You have earned the award through your work and the overwhelming accalmation vote of your peers. I extend to you the privelege of using the Golden Mallet artwork itself to plaster all over whatever websites you see fit, in recognition of your outstanding achievements. And may whatever god you believe in, have mercy on your soul. -- THE ORDER OF THE GOLD CARTEL -- Email - Afterburner, Bill Mattocks, Jim Lippard, David O'Donnell Rest-Of-Net - Sam, Doktor DynaSoar Iridium Usenet - Chris Lewis, Doug Mackall, David Ritz -- /\ Proud Lifelong Fan of the real true Super Bowl Champions \ /\ Known as James - Send Email By Subtracting Remove Phrase \/ \ Be It So - THERE IS NO CABAL - LONG LIVE THE CABAL / \ CNS CXCIX - NOBODY expects the SPAMMISH INQUISITION!