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Franklin Society: SCNT Petition

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Therapeutic Cloning Petition (May 2002)

The Franklin Society submitted this petition, along with this letter to senators on May 15, 2002.

We are no longer taking names for the petition, but you can still call or write your senator and tell him or her to vote against the Brownback-Landrieu bill, S. 1899, which would make therapeutic cloning a crime punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison. Information on how to contact your senator is here. Background information on the issue is here.

Therapeutic Cloning Should NOT Be Banned

We the undersigned recognize that the cloning of cells offers scientists the chance to advance medical research and perhaps one day treat devastating illnesses such as juvenile diabetes, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's by replacing lost or debilitated cells.

Congress should not outlaw this research despite recent pressure from various political factions. Nor should Congress impose a moratorium on this research, which would have the effect of halting the advances that are currently being made.

We the undersigned--many of us conservatives, some of us scientists, all of us concerned for the future--want it known that "therapeutic cloning" has supporters from across the political spectrum. To halt this research would be a terrible blow to science and public health.

Affiliation for identification purposes only

Elizabeth M. Whelan, president, American Council on Science and Health, Brant Beach, NJ

M.D. Tendler, professor and chair, department of biology, Yeshiva College, professor of medical ethics, Yeshiva University, chair, bioethics commission, Rabbinical Council of America, professor of Talmudic law, theology school affiliate of Yeshiva University, New York, NY

Milton Friedman, senior research fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, professor of economics emeritus, University of Chicago, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics (1976)

Steven Pinker, Peter de Florez Professor and MacVicar Faculty Fellow, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Virginia Postrel, author, The Future and Its Enemies, and, Dallas, TX

Henry I. Miller, M.D., fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, author, To America's Health, former FDA official (1979-93), Palo Alto, CA

Glenn Reynolds, University of Tennessee Law School and, co-author, The Appearance of Impropriety, Knoxville, TN

Stephen S. Sternberg, M.D., emeritus member, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

Eugene Volokh, professor of law, UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles, CA

Walter Olson, Manhattan Institute and, Chappaqua, NY

James K. Glassman, host,, resident fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Falls Village, CT

Heather Mac Donald, author, The Burden of Bad Ideas, New York City, NY

Sally Satel, M.D., American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC

Christina Sommers, resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute, Chevy Chase, MD

Steve Buckstein, president, Cascade Policy Institute, Portland, OR

John Hood, president, John Locke Foundation, Raleigh, NC

Donald J. Boudreaux, chairman, Department of Economics, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Alan Charles Kors, professor of history, University of Pennsylvania

James V. DeLong, senior fellow, Project on Technology & Innovation, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC

Kenneth Prager, M.D., clinical professor of medicine, pulmonology, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, director, clinical ethics, Chairman, Medical Ethics Committee, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian Center, Englewood, NJ

Tom Peters, Tom Peters Company, Tinmouth, VT

Bruce N. Ames, professor, University of California, Berkeley, member National Academy of Sciences, recipient National Medal of Science, Japan Prize, Berkeley, CA

John McCarthy, professor emeritus of computer science, Stanford University, member, National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering, recipient, National Medal of Science and the Kyoto Prize, Palo Alto, CA

Rabbi Elliot N. Dorff, University of Judaism, Los Angeles, CA

Lee M. Silver, professor of molecular biology and public affairs, Princeton University, faculty member in the Department of Molecular Biology, the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, the Program in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy, and the Office of Population Research, Princeton, NJ

Brink Lindsey, senior fellow, Cato Institute, Chevy Chase, MD

Fredric M Steinberg, chairman of the board, American Council on Science and Health, Delray Beach, FL

Steven E. Landsburg, associate professor, University of Rochester, author, The Armchair Economist

Charles Murray, Bradley Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Burkittsville, MD

Ronald Bailey, science correspondent, Reason Magazine, Charlottesville, VA

Eric Raymond, Open Source Initiative, Malvern, PA

Ron Unz, founder and chairman of Wall Street Analytics Inc. and English for the Children, Palo Alto, CA

Gregory Benford, professor of physics, University of California, Irvine, Laguna Beach, CA

Harvey A. Silverglate, partner, Silverglate & Good, co-author, The Shadow University, Cambridge, MA

Christopher J. Alden, co-founder and editorial advisor, Red Herring Communications, San Francisco, CA

Daniel Pink, author, Free Agent Nation, Washington, DC

Declan McCullagh, Washington bureau chief for Wired News, editor, Politech, Washington, DC

David R. Henderson, research fellow, Hoover Institution, Pacific Grove, CA

Jeremy Bulow, professor of economics, Stanford Business School, former chief economist, Federal Trade Commission, Stanford, CA

Benjamin Zycher, Ph.D., Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy, Agoura Hills, CA

Louis Rossetto, co-founder, Wired magazine

John Roberts, professor, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Stanford, CA

Kathleen Roberts, retired administrative director, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute, Stanford, CA

Tom W. Bell, associate professor, Chapman University School of Law, adjunct scholar, Cato Institute, San Clemente, CA

Scott D. Moffat, Ph.D., National Institute on Aging, Gerontology Research Center, Baltimore, MD

Cathy Young, columnist, The Boston Globe, Middletown, NJ

James Strock, author, Reagan on Leadership, Theodore Roosevelt on Leadership, inc., San Francisco, CA

Charles W. Baird, director of The Smith Center, California State University, Hayward, Castro Valley, CA

Frank C. Lu, M.D., consultant in toxicology, Miami, FL

Edward R. Arrowsmith, M.D., M.P.H., medical director, Clinical Research, Memorial Cancer Center, Chattanooga, TN (voting address: Flintstone, GA)

Halcyon G. Skinner, research fellow, Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston MA

James Wolcott, columnist and contributing editor, Vanity Fair, New York, NY

Charles Murtaugh, research fellow, Department of Molecular and Cellular biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Elwood F. Caldwell, Ph.D., M.B.A., professor emeritus, University of Minnesota, Arden Hills, MN

Gregory Pence, professor, School of Medicine and department of philosophy, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL

Gary E. Marchant, executive director and associate professor, Center for the Study of Law, Science and Technology, Arizona State University College of Law, Tempe, AZ

David K. Levine, Armen Alchian Professor of Economics, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

John F. Chadbourne Ph. D., environmental engineer, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

Jeff Bone, founder and chief technology officer, Deepfile Corporation, Austin, TX

John F. Madden, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of pathology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

Lance Lamberton, former deputy director of the White House Office of Policy Information under President Reagan, Austell, GA

David Weinberger, Ph.D., author, The Cluetrain Manifesto and Small Pieces Loosely Joined, Brookline, MA

David Friedman, School of Law and Department of Economics, Santa Clara University, San Jose, CA

John F. Shampton, J.D., Ph. D., professor of business and business law, adjunct professor of law, Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, TX

David G. Post, professor of law, Temple University, Washington, DC

David N. Mayer, professor of law and history, Capital University, Columbus, OH

Rabbi Daniel Wolpe, Orlando, FL

David Schoenbrod, New York Law School, New York, NY

Gary Pulsinelli, J.D., Ph.D. (molecular biology), associate professor of law, University of Tennessee College of Law, Knoxville, TN

Hylton Jolliffe, editor and publisher, Corante, New York, NY

Jacob T. Levy, assistant professor of political science, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Timur Kuran, professor of economics and law, and King Faisal Professor of Islamic Thought and Culture, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Bruce Hay, professor of law, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA

Melvin R Gilbert, M.D., director of consultation-liaison psychiatry, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, NY

Christopher Logg, Ph.D., research associate, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Alexander Volokh, John M. Olin Fellow in Law & Economics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Scott Jenks, Ph.D., research associate in biology, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Josh Chafetz, American Rhodes Scholar, Merton College, Oxford, freelance writer published in The New Republic and The Weekly Standard, New Haven, CT

Robert W. Poole, Jr., founder, Reason Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Rick Henderson, editorial writer, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas, NV

Ed Regis, Ph.D., college fellow, Western Maryland College, author, Who Got Einstein's Office?, Sabillasville, MD

Pamela Regis, professor of English, Western Maryland College, Sabillasville, MD

Joe Celko, technology author, columnist, Intelligent Enterprise and Select * From Austin, Austin, TX

Michael J. Booker, Ph.D., assistant professor of philosophy, Jefferson College, Hillsboro, MO, chair, Institutional Ethics Committee, Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Crystal City, MO

Arthur De Vany, professor, Economics and Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, University of California, Irvine, CA

J. Bradford DeLong, Lafayette, CA

Greg Ransom, director, The Hayek Center for Multidisciplinary Research, Aliso Viejo, CA

Will Wilkinson, program director, Institute for Humane Studies, College Park, MD

Mike Godwin, author, lawyer, and Internet activist, senior policy fellow, Center for Democracy and Technology, Washington, DC

Kenneth Green, D.Env., chief scientist, Reason Public Policy Institute, Harker Heights, TX

Carl Helmers, president, Helmers Publishing Inc., Peterborough, NH

David Brin, author, Earth and The Transparent Society, Encinitas, CA

Boris A. Kupershmidt, professor of mathematics, The University of Tennessee Space Institute, Nashville, TN

Gregory Stock, director, Program on Medicine, Technology, and Society, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Sheri Annis, president, Fourth Estate Strategies, Santa Monica, CA

Todd Seavey, editor,, New York, NY

Joanne Jacobs, writer,, Palo Alto, CA

M. Fallah, researcher, The Salk Institute, San Diego, CA

Rebecca Z. German, professor of biological sciences, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

John Pinkerton, retiree-health actuary and father of child with cystic fibrosis, Chevy Chase, MD

WC Rainey MD FACS, Abilene, TX

Vicki White, documentary filmmaker, Chicago, IL

Raymund Eich, Ph.D., patent agent and writer, Houston, TX

Jeff A. Taylor, dad, writer, son of Alzheimer's patient, North Potomac, MD

Kevin Brancato, cost analyst, RAND Corporation, Ph.D. student, Department of Economics, George Mason University, Alexandria, VA

Julie B. Akawie, Type-1 Diabetic for 30+ years, Annandale, VA

Philip Mickelson, president, Business Tools Inc, Hillsborough, NC

Keith Hannigan, Esq., Jenkens & Gilchrist, chairman of the ABA Subcommittee on International Arbitration, Chicago, IL

Brian Kotek, web developer, Raleigh, NC

Suman Palit, software architect, Trahan Associates, editor, the Kolkata Libertarian (, Long Grove, IL

Jennifer Krueger, deputy to the director, Research Libraries, The New York Public Library, New York, NY

Rand Simberg, former aerospace project manager, president, Interglobal Space Lines Inc., Jackson, WY

Steven Postrel, assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

Matthew Edgar, editor,, Lakewood, CO

Robert Gelfond, CEO and founder, MagiQ Technologies Inc., New York, NY

Mark R. Whittington, co-author, Nocturne and Children of Apollo, Houston, TX

Michael Goodfellow, independent software consultant, Santa Cruz, CA

Kenneth Silber, writer, New York, NY

William F. McBurnett, owner, Cromulent Code, Austin, TX

Rabbi Lia Bass, Arlington Fairfax Jewish Congregation, Arlington, VA

Virginia P. Warren, computer programmer, optimist, Montgomery, AL

Roy F. Spalding, Ph.D., director, Water Sciences Laboratory, University of Nebraska, Malcolm, NE

Andrew Corsello, senior writer, GQ Magazine, Richmond, VA

Gregory Tetrault, M.D., medical director, Shared Laboratory Services, Chesapeake, VA

Amber da Silva, Canarsie Aware Inc., New York, NY

Dick Bjornseth, assistant professor, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA

Thomas M. Box, professor of management, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS

Kathie Kramer Rudy, Psy.D., licensed psychologist - psychoanalysis, Great Neck, NY

Rabbi Francine G. Roston, Congregation Beth Tikvah, New Milford, NJ

Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., founder/editor,, Fairfax, VA

Mark Crane, articles editor, Medical Economics magazine, Hillsdale, NJ

Timothy Gardner, research associate, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA

Deborah Moeller, graduate student in literature, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Derek Lowe, pharmaceutical researcher, Hamden, CT

Andrew W. Hazlett, Baltimore, MD

Tama Starr, Artkraft Strauss Sign Corp., New York, NY

Stina Hans, MS, Counseling and Guidance, Alegre Consulting (educational services consultancy), Santa Barbara, CA

Thomas P. Onak, Ph.D., professor emeritus, chemistry, California State University of Los Angeles, Oro Valley, AZ

Sharon C. Onak, M.A., retired librarian, Oro Valley, AZ

Malcolm A. Malloy, retired LCDR, USN, retired DoD civil service test engineer, recently diagnosed - Mantle Cell Lymphoma, La Mesa CA

Lisa Andaloro, communications coordinator, Institute for Justice, Washington, DC

David A. Neal, Jr., poet, Tucson, AZ

Gary Farber, writer and editor, Amygdala blog Boulder, CO

Ada Palmer, Harvard University Fellow, Cambridge MA

Diana Wiener, undergraduate student of history, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR

John D. Lewis, BA, BS, MA, JD, LLM intellectual property counsel, Naval Air Systems command (NAVAIR), Lexington Park, MD

Barbara J. Hamill, doctoral candidate in Environmental Science, Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, FL

J. Patrick Dillon, concerned citizen and voter, Atlanta, GA

Walter E. Wallis, P.E., professional engineer in private practice, M.E., E.E., CIB, Palo Alto, CA

Jim Robb, MLS, assistant librarian, North Arkansas College, Harrison, AR

Ted Prodromou, MBA, Mountain View, CA

Timothy Sandefur, contributing editor, Liberty magazine, Rialto, CA

James Bennett, Newport, RI

Paul Fawcett, Ph.D., post-doctoral fellow, Department of Biochemistry, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Thomas D. Meacham, MD, psychiatrist, Thomasville, GA

Jay Welch, student, New York University School of Law, Class of 2002, New York, NY

Charles J. Divine, independent astronomical artist, Lanham/Seabrook, MD

James E. Oldfield, emeritus professor, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Bryan Castañeda, student, West Covina, CA

Ted D. Wade, medical informaticist, University of Colorado School of Medicine Centennial, CO

Donald Hennig, forest regeneration specialist, Kalkaska, MI

Michelle Hendrix Efird, B.S. Biology from Greensboro College, cancer survivor, Richmond, VA

Jim Locke, software configuration manager, Amdocs Inc., St. Louis, MO

Frederick D. Ochsenhirt, attorney, Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky LLP, Alexandria, VA

Michael Wendt, Ph.D., father, pharmaceutical researcher, Abbott Laboratories, Vernon Hills, IL

Chaim Karczag, master's candidate in political science, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Jay Hinman, marketing manager, San Francisco, CA

Nancy Kramer, Laurel, MD

John Tabin, freelance writer (, Liberty magazine), weblog, Evanston, IL

Amy Hicks, mother, San Jose, CA

Jay Manifold, vice president, R&D, Applied Space LLC and editor,, Kansas City, MO

Jacob Sullum, senior editor, Reason, columnist, Creators Syndicate, Fairfax, VA

Rabbi Michele Sullum, Fairfax, VA

Oren Grad, Ph.D., M.D., senior scientist, Abt Associates Clinical Trials, Wellesley, MA

Ken Bolland, lecturer in physics, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Karl Gallagher, systems engineer, TRW S&EG, engineering graduate student, University of Southern California, Redondo Beach, CA

Hugh B. Nicholas Jr., senior scientific specialist, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Jesse A. Soodalter, director of product development, Consumer Health Services Inc., Brooklyn, NY

Tim DeRoche, independent TV producer, Los Angeles, CA

Aaron A. Levy, Portsmouth, NH

David Phillips, Lewisville, TX

Scott Nybakken, associate editor, DC Comics, New York, NY

Aaron Strasburg, electrical engineer, Albuquerque, NM

Bill Schjelderup, president, COMPanion Corporation, Salt Lake City, UT

Charles E. Hammond, associate professor of Chinese, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

David Steele, senior software architect, Masergy Communications, Chantilly, VA

Graceann Dorse, New York, NY

Richard Dieterich, Village Manager, Sauk Village, IL

John Hempel, biochemist, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Michael F. Swan, Jamestown, NC

Tamara Williams, technical writer, Oakland, CA

Marc Stiegler, COO, Combex Inc., author, EarthWeb and "The Digital Path," Kingman, AZ

Russell Turpin, Ph.D., Austin, TX

S.B. Kleinman, copy editor and citizen

Carl Shapiro, Las Vegas, NV

Anton C. Shepps, small business owner, Oaks, PA

Ira Cushing, electrical engineer, Sebastopol, CA

Tom Jackson, Internet columnist, The Lawton Constitution, Lawton, OK

Troy Eastlack, programmer, San Francisco, CA

William Sullivan III, customer service manager, Kaplan Test Prep, Boston Satellite Center, Newton, MA

Lawrence Krubner, web designer, Charlottesville, VA

Robert Fish, director of information technology, Diffusion Dynamics Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Robert L. Old, Jr., diabetic, Lindenhurst, IL

C. Michael Doffing, software developer, Alameda, CA

Jeremy Plunkett, signal integrity engineer, San Jose, CA

Janet Busch, retired R.N. and very concerned citizen, San Diego, CA

William Keck, software consultant, Gonzales, TX

Randy Spitzer, principal, RSpitzer Consulting, Providence, RI

Steven L. Brecher, software developer, Washoe County, NV

Ty Mackey, Ph.D. student, Ohio State University, Reno, NV

Gregory H. Kahn, attorney-writer, Washington, DC

Robin Hanson, assistant professor of economics, George Mason University, Burke, VA

Allen S. Thorpe, attorney at law, Orangeville, UT

Gralee Parr, Lubbock, TX

Eric Barnhill, concert pianist, New York City, NY

Gary Boyd, design manager, Freeman Decorating Company, Houston, TX

John Hudock, managing director, Trilogy Advisors, New York, NY

Yvette Seifert Hirth, software author, world record holder of the fastest IBM-IMS database unload/reload time, Chicago, IL

Mark S. Miller, chief technology officer, Combex Inc., open source coordinator,, board member, Extropy Institute, La Honda, CA

Daniel Klein, associate professor of economics, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

John F. McMullen, Monroe College, Jefferson Valley, NY

Jeffrey D Brennan, principal software engineer, Rendition Networks, Seattle, WA

Gregory Golberg, Fish Consulting, Brighton, MA

Jeffrey A. Wolfe, president, JW Computer Consulting Inc., Columbus, OH

Robert Burnham, science writer and editor, Hales Corners, WI

David S. Shimm, MD, FACP, Littleton, CO

Geoffrey Barto, PhD candidate in French Literature, Michigan State University, Reed City, MI

John D. Hays, CPA, North Plainfield, NJ

Charles Paul Freund, senior editor, Reason Magazine, Washington, DC

Kevin B. O'Reilly, journalism student, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL

David J. Rosen, Berwyn, IL

John Straw, systems analyst and developer, Atlanta, GA

Evan R. McElravy, student, McGill University, Warren, PA

Gabriela Grannis, Los Angeles, CA

Tom Negrino, book author and, Healdsburg, CA

John W. Hohman, student, Tucson, AZ

Robert S. Schwartz, attorney-at-law, Columbus, OH

Robert D. Athey, president, Athey Technologies, El Cerrito, CA

Mike Branom, citizen, Orlando, FL

William A. Nevin III, systems analyst, Houston, TX

Brian J. Taylor, public school teacher, Spring Lake, MI

Michael Krechmer, Brooklyn, NY

Scott Gonyea, high school student, Phoenix, AZ

Lee Alan Lerner, Baird & Warner Real Estate, Chicago, IL

Daniel P. Wiener, electronic engineer for a major defense firm, Simi Valley, CA

Stephanie Sailor,, Chicago, IL

Henry E. Haller, III, small business owner, Pittsburgh, PA

Howard Carter, aerospace/mechanical engineer, PhD Student, University of Houston, Friendswood, TX

Evan Vetere, student of political philosophy, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

Derek Brian Yee, student, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Barton Smith, senior programmer/analyst, Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Ridley Park, PA

Brad Wilson, newspaper sports editor, Philadelphia, PA

Kevin Parker, owner,, Austin, TX

Michael M. Bissell, PE, assistant chief - Control Systems MPAG, Frederick, MD

Balaji Srinivasan, Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering, NSF/NDSEG fellow, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Paul M. Cashman, independent consultant, North Reading, MA

William Vine, M.D., Ph.D., Poway, CA

John Mark, retired editorial pages coordinator and columnist, The Phoenix (AZ) Gazette, Goodyear, AZ

Carl Wagener, Ph.D., chief scientist, Hermit Technologies, Inc., member A.A.A.S., Fairfield, IA

Joshua Salcman, associate consultant, IBM Global Services, Business & Customer Strategy, New York, NY

Albert Nigrin, vice president, research, Campbell and Company, Ph.D., computer science, Duke University, Baltimore MD

Samuel E. Shipman, software developer, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Acton, MA

Douglas S. Little, environmental lawyer, Perkins Coie LLP, Seattle, WA

Roger S. Zimmerman, automatic speech recognition researcher, Wellesley, MA

Cassondra Link, MPA, daughter of a diabetic, and granddaughter of an Alzheimer's sufferer, Gulf Shores, AL

Sarah J. McCarthy, contributing editor, Liberty magazine, Pittsburgh, PA

LuAnn Brandt, Mesa, AZ

David Berkowitz, editor, eMarketer, New York, NY

Matthew Shadel, co-founder, Category 4 Design, Charlottesville, VA

Dan Raspler, New York, NY

Kevin Y. Wenzel, network operations specialist, Data Conversion Specialists (DCS) Inc., La Salle, CO

Doug Anderson, attorney, Chicago, IL

Eric Akawie, member, Society for Technical Communication, Burke, VA

Eddi C. Vulic, graduate student, history and education, University of California, Berkeley, Oakland, CA

Reid Flickinger, chief technical officer, Martin-Flickinger Consulting Incorporated, Danville, CA

Paul L. Backus, credit analyst, Marin Capital Partners, San Rafael, CA

George Byrd, retired lawyer and computer programmer, Menlo Park, CA

Marco Sorani, president, SSB Technologies, San Francisco, CA

Leonard Dickens, computer programmer, Baltimore, MD

Amy Phillips, New York University and, New York, NY

Christopher Nichols, voter, constituent, citizen, West Haven, CT

W. Virgil Brown, MD, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Warren Meyer, chief executive officer,, Seattle, WA

Lee A. McGaan, Ph.D., professor of communication, Monmouth College Monmouth, IL

Carey Allison, M.D., Baton Rouge, LA

Terry D. Johnson, lecturer at UC Berkeley, Department of Bioengineering, MS in Chemical Engineering, MIT, Berkeley, CA

Eric D. Dixon, contributing editor, Liberty magazine, Capitol Heights, MD

Chris Coen, Boulder, CO

Charles A. Temm Jr, SFC, USA retired, Salem, AL

George A. Chidi Jr., U.S. Correspondent, Boston, International Data Group (IDG) News Service, Boston, MA

Paul Orwin, Ph.D., post-doctoral scholar in microbiology, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, California Institute of Technology, Upland, CA

Tracy Budd, Arlington, VA

Cynthia Grossen, Programmer at the Michigan Health & Hospital Association, Lansing, MI

Robert Arritt, Ph.D. Student, University of Maine Computer Science Department, Orono, ME

Sean Dougherty, public relations professional, Clifton, NJ

Randy Bradshaw, electrical engineer, University of Kansas, Oakview, MO

Steve Burnett, systems administrator and author, Raleigh, NC

Jack Powers, Powers Technical Services, Morgan Hill, CA

Clinton Fein, president, ApolloMedia Corporation, San Francisco, CA

Robert N. Saft, former director of international business, VA Linux Systems, Mountain View, CA

Shellee Graham, author/photographer, St. Louis, MO

Dana Brownfield, conference manager, The James Irvine Foundation, Oakland, CA

Kenneth R. Schmeichel, retired lawyer, Chagrin Falls, OH

Brian Todoroff, San Jose, CA

Robert McMahan, retired foreign service officer, VA

John Herrin, freelance writer, Greenwood, IN

Carl E. Mullin, artist, Bronx, NY

J. Keith Harmon, attorney, Tampa, FL

Patrick Banks, journalism student at the University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

Mark Regets, economist, Institute for the Study of Labor (Bonn) and a government employee in Washington DC, Vienna, VA

Arthur Torrey, test engineer, Waltham, MA

Nils Andersson, owner, CodeArt Computing, Newbury Park, CA

Robert O. Miller, photonics engineer, Bedford, MA

S. Thomas Bond, Ph.D. inorganic chemistry, retired, Jane Lew, WV

Stephen Waite, author, Fairfield, CT

John P. Cunningham, president, J. Cunningham & Assoc, Norwell, MA

Lou Villadsen, UCLA Office of Academic Planning and Budget, Los Angeles, CA

Nick Gillespie, editor-in-chief, Reason Magazine, Oxford, OH

Tom Brennan, Philadelphia, PA

Charles Platt, author of 40 books, former senior writer for Wired magazine, president of CryoCare Foundation, Coconino County, AZ

Timothy C. Stentz, Susanville, CA

Jeffery M. Peterson, attorney, Farmington Hills, MI

Chris Puzak, quality assurance analyst, Philadelphia, PA

Vincent Suro, R&D engineer, Sierra Instruments, Monterey, CA

Mark Bowie, engineering manager, Orange, CA

Stephen Schwarz, programmer, Cine-Med, Inc., Woodbury, CT

Michael Snell, just a tax guy, Lake Mathews, CA

Lisa Snell, director, education program, Reason Foundation, Riverside, CA

Peter H. Helmers, software consultant, Webster, NY

Richard Tracey, PhD, executive scholar, Bridges Learning Systems, columnist, Union Jack (, Carlsbad, CA

David Dillon, DAVID M. DILLON, P.C., Buda, TX

Barbara C. Berlin, urban planner, Evanston, IL

Melissa Whittle, United States citizen and registered voter, Austin, TX

Michael Wells, technical writer, San Jose, CA

Sean Montague, MS Geography, GIS Manager, Olsson Associates Inc., Idaho Springs, CO

Timothy A. Wilson, associate professor of computer engineering, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL

Ilya Haykinson, software engineer, member, ACM, Los Angeles, CA

Chris Adams, System Administrator, Salk Institute, San Diego, CA

Gilliss Dyer, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Daniel W. Brown, computer scientist, SRI International, Martinez, GA

Michael Johnson, student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Kearney, NE

Susan D. Taylor, computer programmer/project manager, Data Conversion Specialist (DCS) Inc., Longmont, CO

David W. Wall, software engineer, Palo Alto, CA

Michael Pearson, BSc Physics, Cupertino, CA

Dewayne Hendricks, CEO, Dandin Group, Fremont, CA

Timothy Falconer, president, Immuexa Corporation, Bethlehem PA

Don Winans, Stafford, VA

Ann Caitilin McCarthy, therapeutic horticulturalist, Carlsbad, CA

Gregory Bart Jr., Los Angeles, CA

David Nieporent, attorney, Fanwood, NJ

Joseph E. Held, user interface designer, SPSS INC, Chicago, IL

Nicholas Bretagna II, Gainesville, FL

Richard Nystrom, concerned citizen, Blaine, MN

Thomas Perry, software quality assurance engineer, Oregon City, OR

William C. Daniels, applications programmer/adjunct faculty, College Misericordia, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Gordon J. Mohr, founder/chief technology officer, Bitzi, San Francisco, CA

Laura Arbilla, lost a relative to Parkinson's, Austin, TX

Daniel B. Safford, Jr., controls system engineer, Bechtel Power Corporation Frederick, MD

Ofer Nave, director of IT, Chang Industry Inc, La Verne, CA

Hubert E Hoover, Auburn, WA

Joseph Sanders, Clinton, IO

Daniel Arrieta, production specialist, Washington, DC

Heather Canning, student of history at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

David A. Young, Ph.D., associate professor of biometrics, Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO

Tim Lee, senior in computer science at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

Chris Parker, director engineering, StarNet Inc., Algonquin, IL

Hanah Metchis, student, Bryn Mawr, PA

Mark Shaffer, Network Security Consultant, Charleston, WV

Kimberly King-Burns, founding partner of CONVERGENZ/Solutions, executive director of The Briland Modem Fund, publisher of The Briland Modem, Toluca Lake, CA

Holly Fabre, vice president, Rotomotion Corp., Rockville, MD

R. Dwayne Ramey, Ph.D., software engineer, Pacific Code Works, Nolensville, TN

Jennifer Frederiksen, project manager and student, Schaumburg, IL

Paul Schreiber, software engineer, Sunnyvale, CA

Scott Gosnell, managing director, Windcastle VC, LLC, Columbus, OH

Robert Honerkamp, president, Comtrends Inc., Atlanta, GA

Robert Bulechek, Tucson, AZ

Wayne Dawson, Raleigh, NC

Fred Salzer, chief financial officer, Sempre Inc., Poway, CA

R. Wade Simonsen, vice-president, Simonsen Laboratories Inc., Gilroy, CA

James J. Lippard, Phoenix, AZ

Dean F. Sutherland, Ph.D. candidate, Institute for Software Research, International School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

T. Michael Elliott, Retired, former CEO, IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC

David Clapp, Flagstone Securities, St. Louis, MO

Eliezer Yudkowsky, research fellow, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Atlanta, GA

Loretta Glaze Elliott, consultant, Washington, DC

Mihai Christodorescu, Ph.D. student in computer sciences, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Aaron Krol, software engineer, member, IEEE, Elma, NY

Paul Schmidt, systems architect, America Online, Plymouth, MA

Jameson Penn, economics student, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Franklin Hill, computer technician, Oklahoma City, OK

Peter Thacker, CTO, VIPMobile, San Francisco, CA

Don Snyder, writer,, Columbus, OH

R. G. McFadden, master mariner, Centreville, VA

Joseph Torresani, Plano, TX

Jon R. Morris, geophysicist, Houston, TX

Shane Bodrero, Colorado Springs, CO

Andrew McDonald, Odessa, MO

Chris Rangel, M.D., Inpatient Consultants (IPC), Dallas, TX

Kristin Thomson, organizer, Future of Music Coalition, Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Mark D. Mandeles, president, The J. de Bloch Group, Fairfax, VA

Greg Lukianoff, director of legal and public advocacy, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Philadelphia, PA

Dan Alban, program director, Institute for Humane Studies, Alexandria, VA

Brad Chapman, Capital, Houston, TX

Jon Entine, author, Taboo, columnist for Ethical Corporation Magazine, Agoura Hills, CA

Debra Parks, M.A., electronic resources coordinator, Richmond Public Library, Richmond, VA

Juanita Avila, software developer, Chantilly, VA

James R. Brett, Ph.D., director of university research, California State University, Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

Gil Gordon, management consultant, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Kippi M. Dyer, graduate student in chemical physics, University of Houston, Houston, TX

Steve Gibson, vice president, Right Hand Manager Software, former executive director, The Bionomics Institute, Renton, WA

Seymour Shapiro, Emeritus professor of Biology, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Cambridge, MA

William Serwetman, webmaster, Suffolk University Law School Federalist Society Framingham, MA

Mitch Berkson, electrical engineer, Providence, RI

Tom Grothe, teacher, Apple Valley, MN

Katherine H. Grobman, Ph.D. student of developmental psychology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Bill Satchell, partner, O'Melveny & Myers LLP, Washington, DC

Brent Neal, Ph.D. candidate in physics, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Arthur Naiman, author, The Macintosh Bible, Every Goy's Guide to Common Jewish Expressions, publisher, editor, Tucson, AZ

Diana Mertz Hsieh, philosopher, Sedalia, CO

Patrick C. Carroll, San Francisco, CA

Matt Del Vecchio, programmer,, Minneapolis, MN

David L. Beard, software developer and consultant, Philadelphia, PA

Adam W. Cohen, LibertyLovers Unlimited

Michael Steffen, student, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Rob Cunningham, computer analyst, Tallahassee, FL

Drew Nicholson, president and CIO, Full Sphere Consulting, Melrose Park, IL

William R. Lyon, executive director, Free Speech Coalition, Glendale, CA

David C. Carmody, Multiple Sclerosis sufferer, Tracy, CA

Jane Garrity, graduate student, Microbiology Doctoral Training Program, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Mike Coleman, bioinformatics programmer, Gladstone, MO

Jeffrey C. Bradley, software engineer, Industrial Logic Corporation, Atlanta, GA

Ted Radamaker, gerontologist/geroethicist, Claremont, CA

Kevin Hopkins, legislative auditor, Denver, CO

David C. Hill, information technology manager, Jacobs, Centennial, CO

Alan Ritzert, computer information systems student, Jonesboro, GA

Danny Yavuzkurt, student, Penn State University, University Park, PA

John Hough, student, Arlington, VA

Peter K. Nyberg, Coventry, CT

Rebecca M. Barr, Nature Publishing Group, New York, NY

John S J Anderson, Ph.D., proprietor,, Gaithersburg, MD

Geoff Gariepy, Madison Heights, MI

Kathryn Erickson, international sales manager, Pennsylvania

Alexander Eaton, vice president, Allegheny Energy Global Markets, New York, NY

John W. Durham, PhD, visiting clinical professor of business administration, Northern Arizona University, member, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Association for Computing Machinery, IEEE Computer Society, American Statistical Association, Flagstaff, AZ

Joseph Barrett, associate, Society of Actuaries, Fullerton, CA

Adam Charnes, senior litigation counsel, WorldCom, Inc., Potomac, MD

Robert D. King Jr., information systems analyst, Rockford, IL

William D. Conner, III, maintenance management consultant, Lynchburg, VA

Stephen G. LaBonne, Ph.D., DNA analyst, Lake County Crime Laboratory, Painesville, OH

Amy Mountain, executive assistant, WSA Corp., Lampe, MO

Morris Jackson, Columbus, OH

Corey Lanum, Washington, DC

Harvey Morrell, assistant director for public services, University of Baltimore Law Library, Lutherville, MD

Thomas D. Schaffner, research associate, Miami University, Ohio, Cincinnati, OH

Brian D Williams, Local 134 I.B.E.W., Harwood Hts, IL

Jason G. Ward, network systems engineer, Microsomething Systems, Victorville, CA

Michael S. Lorrey, member, Extropy Institute, founder, Center for Transhuman Development, Lebanon, NH

Mike Linksvayer, San Francisco, CA

Natan Hecht, attorney, New York, NY

Daniel D. Snow, Ph.D., environmental chemist, Water Sciences Laboratory, Lincoln, NE

Jason Axtell, software engineer, Menlo Park, CA

William T Seitz, CTO/COO, New York, NY

Karl Sackett, software engineer, Huntsville, AL

Ms. Mickey Parman, retired editor/columnist now free-lancing, Auburn, KS

Walter G. Hecker, MSEE, Fremont, CA

Chris Hibbert, author of the SSN FAQ (, senior associate of the Foresight Institute, Mountain View, CA

Elsom Eldridge, Jr., Ed.M., educational consultant, Winter Springs, FL

Gary Peyton Miller, Ph.D., chemical engineer, consultant with gpmiller Inc., Baton Rouge, LA

Glenn Recchia, concerned citizen, Richmond, CA

Phil Darnowsky, Baltimore, MD

Cathy-Lynn McGinley, former microbiology technologist

Chris Fedeli, attorney, Washington, DC

Robert Vale, president and CEO, Ritvale Music Corporation, Henderson, NV

Ronald A. Fonda, author and epistemologist, Andrews, NC

Donald Heath, Reason Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Raymond C. Eckhart, Blue Ridge Summit, PA

Peter R. Abeln, programmer, Amdocs Inc., Chesterfield, MO

Holden Lewis, financial journalist, Jupiter, FL

Danny Mulligan, SigmaTel Inc., Austin, TX

David Schwartz. student, University of Pennsylvania, Lenox MA

Chad K. Bisk, consultant, Braun Consulting, Reston, VA

Whit Chapman, software developer, New York, NY

Stephen Terry, Ph.D., researcher, University of California, Los Angeles, (voting address: Madison, WI)

Brett g Porter, Lead Engineer, Development Practices, Art & Logic Software Development, Fanwood, NJ

Gail Nazemi, Tucson, AZ

Donald W. McArthur, Raleigh, NC

Lionell K. Griffith, Solvang, CA

John Looney, engineer, Fairport, NY

Ken Applegate, Dallas, TX

Tim Henderson, software engineer, Alodar Systems Inc., San Diego, CA

Richard Meyer, Pittsburgh, PA

Dick Carota, Eden, NY

Jarod Pranno, Midway Amusements LLC, Oak Park, IL

Neel Krishnaswami, computer programmer, member, Association for Computing Machinery, Cambridge, MA

Douglas Kirkland Hole, Portland, OR

James Knowles, senior mechanical engineer, Alpha Technologies Inc., Bellingham, WA

A. Ross Christensen, Springfield, VA

Eliot Gelwan MD, medical director, Westwood Pembroke Health Systems, Pembroke, MA

Joel Krumerman, M.D., Coral Springs, Florida

G. Armour Van Horn, network technician and internet developer, Freeland, WA

Delores Ramig, Gering, NE

T. Thompson Bosworth, Milwaukee, WI

Michael John Herz, Tallahassee, FL

Chip Morningstar, chief architect, State Software Inc., Palo Alto CA

Beverly Plumley, Las Vegas, NV (my brother has Alzheimer's disease)

Michael Custard, IT Consultant, St Paul, MN

Amy Alkon, syndicated columnist, Santa Monica, CA

Michael Cook, aeronautical engineer, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Marietta, GA

James D. Hudnall, writer, Las Vegas, NV

David M Wilson, father, citizen, Tucson, AZ

Arthur E. Phelan, Ed.D., retired: California State Department of Education, former chief of Bureau of Program Development and Evaluation, Special Education, Bakersfield, CA

G. Eric Engstrom, currently CEO Wildseed Ltd., ex-Microsoft general manager for MSN-IA, DirectX media, and co-inventor of DirectX, one of Microsoft's twelve witnesses in the anti-trust trial, Kirkland, WA

Lee Jones, director of bioinformatics, Genospectra Inc, Hayward, CA

Jamais Cascio, writer, Concord, CA

Deane Hartley, medical economist, San Francisco, CA

Andrew R. Briggs, Interbrand Hulefeld, Cincinnati, OH

Kai Timmermann, co-founder and partner, SimpatiCo Consulting, Bridgewater, NJ

William Bacon, father, writer, Prince William County, VA

Janis Gore, Vidalia, LA

Dean Campbell, CPA, tax manager, Wiener, Smith & Strickler LLP, El Paso, TX

Mark Madsen, vice president of consulting services, MSE, Rogue River, OR

Todd Larason, Portland, OR

Charles A. Hall Jr., M.D., retired internist, Middletown, RI

Derek Nelson, Chicago, IL

Maxim Jacobs, portfolio manager, Trilogy Advisors, New York, NY

Romeo J. Mannarino, retired New York City teacher, New York, NY

Cosmo Wenman, Los Angeles, CA

Anthony Parman, San Francisco, CA

Viola A. Hallett, M.A. English, Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA

Scott Hillis, economics reporter, Seattle, WA

Eric Jacobsen, Portland, OR

Ryan Nunn, student, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Andrew Ian Dodge, cynic, cyberpunk and raconteur, Harpswell, ME

Wayne C. Grantham, geotechnical laboratory manager, AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc., Santa Ana, CA

George Horwich, professor emeritus, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN

Michael LaTorra, English Dept., New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

P. Oscar Boykin, PhD student in physics, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Jane Steele, geology student, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

Adam White, student, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA

R. Michael Perry, Ph.D., author, Forever for All, Scottsdale, AZ

William M. Daly, software consultant, Sherborn, MA

Brian Wowk, Ph.D., senior scientist, 21st Century Medicine, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Robert L. Campbell, professor of psychology, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Jeffrey Paul Soreff, Poughkeepsie, NY

Joseph W. Morgan, MS, EME, engineer, physicist, adjunct professor, businessman, Phoenix, AZ

Ann Coleman, Reston, VA

Joshua T. Stecher, undergraduate at Haverford College, pre-med. program, major in philosophy and chemistry (ACS), Haverford, PA

Dwight D. Wilcox, Mountain View, CA

Greg Hamer, computer programmer, Thousand Oaks, CA

Frederick B. Preston, writer, Midway, GA

Thomas L McKendree, Ph.D., dissertation title: Technical and Operational Assessment of Molecular Nanotechnology for Space Operations, Huntington Beach, CA

Rachel Childs, former director of content, Ask Jeeves, now disabled with chronic fatigue syndrome, Emeryville, CA

Jared Dunn, University of Illinois undergrad in the Department of Cell and Structural Biology and the Department of Philosophy, Mattoon, IL

Stephen B. Gerow, Altadena, CA

Guy Shefner, software engineer, Wildseed Ltd., Kirkland, WA

Timothy Crenshaw, writer and independent business owner, Wichita Falls, TX

William Warren, database administrator, Montgomery, AL

Andrew Olmsted,, Colorado Springs, CO

Paul J. Pakus, Ramona, CA

Jessica Lerner, mother, citizen, Washington, DC

Lynne Kiesling, Ph.D., director of economic policy, Reason Public Policy Institute, senior lecturer, Department of Economics, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Andrew P. Hofer, Princeton, NJ

J. Melville Capps, attorney, Vista, CA

Steve Hall, software engineer, Highland, IL

Joseph D. Foley, senior software engineer and insulin-dependent diabetic, Akamai Technologies, Arlington, MA

Charles Oliver, writer, Trion, GA

William T. Long III, New York, NY

James R. Dompkowski, CLU, ChFC, Saco, ME

Adeline Hofer, associate professor, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Bruce K. Lagasse, retired, former principal engineer, Raytheon Systems Company, El Segundo, CA

Scott Anderson, science writer, author of Morphing Magic, co-author of The Cure with Dr. Kiessling-Cooper, Santa Rosa, CA

Karen Y. Redding, rheumatoid arthritis patient for 32 years, Monterey, CA

Mark B. Wilson, computer/electronics technician and retired Army first sergeant, Wylie, TX

Pam Postrel, advertising consultant, Pasadena, CA

Jeffrey Smith, associate professor of economics, University of Maryland, Chevy Chase, MD

Genevieve Johnson, Los Angeles, CA

Steven Marks, science writer, Rockville, MD

Christopher M. Davis, Hudsonville,, MI

Rose Mauro, information technology specialist, Labcorp, Albany, NY

Patrick Nielsen Hayden, senior editor, Tor Books, Brooklyn, NY

William E. Humphries, software engineer, Apple Computer, editor of More Like This WebLog, Redwood City, CA

Bradford Behr, astronomer, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Jonathan Stein, Ph.D., cancer research investigator, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Edward Bierhanzl, associate professor of economics, Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, FL

Lisa Eastlack, production designer, San Francisco, CA

David Paul, Asheville, NC

Jeffrey Cufaude, writer and consultant, Idea Architects, Indianapolis, IN

Scott Schneider, M.Eng., computer science, B.S., physics, MIT, Boston, MA

Marc J. Tetel, assistant professor, biology department and neuroscience program, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

Glen Litsinger, president, IPR Medical Billing, LLC, Mt. Airy, MD

Cassandra Phillips-Sears, student, Bryn Mawr, PA

Eric Schnure, freelance writer and communications consultant, Washington, DC

Anthony Nicholls, president and CEO, OpenEye Scientific Software Inc., Santa Fe, NM

Allen Smith, graduate student, Ph.D. program in microbiology and molecular genetics, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Dan Webb, software engineer, Redwood City, CA

Carol C. Coletta, producer and host, "Smart City,", Memphis, TN

Michael Ray, social studies teacher/(M.A., Human Performance Studies, University of Alabama), Gulf Shores, AL

Chip Pankey, executive committee, Urban Art, Memphis, TN

Sheldon Katz, South Burlington, VT

Zara Yost, Bryn Mawr College undergraduate, Bryn Mawr, PA

Sven Gato Redsun, computer simulation consultant, Santa Fe, NM

Craig Richardson, Tacoma, WA

David C. Johnson, commercial real estate appraiser & biologist (by college degree), Raleigh, NC

Matt Harris, North Hollywood, CA

Hardy Macia, Libertarian Party of Vermont, Grand Isle, VT

Daniel Spitzer, retired physicist and professor emeritus of business administration, Lagunilla de Heredia, FL

Gary Muggli, Thornton, CO

Clay Young, programmer at Worldspan, Jonesboro, GA

M. Scott Anderson,, Oak Park, IL

J. Forrest Posey, Buffalo, NY

Jason Walker, graduate student in philosophy, Tufts University, Somerville, MA

Dan Hitt, Menlo Park, Ca

Erin Lamborn, Teacher, Fontana, CA

Don S. Michaelson, Idaho Falls, ID

Craig Bonner, University of Mass. Medical, Belchertown, MA

Pablo Wegesend, Honolulu, HI

Mark Ayres, Boulder, CO

Donald Rintala, Pasadena, CA

Elisabeth Ryzen, M.D., clinical associate professor of medicine, Stanford University, San Jose, CA

Lawrence Pado, research engineer, Saint Charles, MO

Franklin Harris, online editor and columnist, The Decatur (Ala.) Daily, Athens, AL

Paul Thompson, electrical engineer, San Jose, CA

Roslyn Metchis, Houston, TX

Daniel Shapiro, West Virginia University, department of philosophy, Morgantown, WV

Chris Froemming, Walton High School, Marietta, GA

Teresa Nielsen Hayden, consulting editor, Tor/Forge Books, Brooklyn, NY

Jay Salwen, MD, Latham, NY

Philip Thomas, student, George Washington University, Washington, DC

David J. Noha, software architect, Grassroots Enterprise,, San Francisco, CA

Bruce Andeson, Brandon, FL

Brian Reed, Lampe, MO

Robert Bloecker, Las Vegas, NV

James Hayden, Tucson, AZ

Jeannette Hayden, Tucson, AZ

Allen Krasnasky, Mission Hills, CA

Renee Zuckerbrot, literary agent, Marly Rusoff & Associates, Inc., New York, NY

Michael Couvillion, Dallas, TX

David Hull, grandson of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's victims, computer programmer,, Lawrence, KS

Ram Ahluwalia, Columbia College, Columbia University, New York, NY

Axel M. Fritz, retired CEO, Cape Engineering Corp, St. Paul, MN

Fred Schaufele, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Todd Graham, Hollis, NY

C.E. Cabaniss Jr., retired, Roanoke, VA

John Schaibly, retired scientist, San Diego, CA

Gil Milbauer, Snohomish, WA

Woty Freeman, Cottage Grove, OR

Jessie Rosenberg, Bryn Mawr College, student, Bryn Mawr, PA

Shelley Clark, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

John Paris Gebauer, student, Georgetown University, Boulder, CO

Jeanine Bergeron, clinical lab science student, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Arlington, MA

Robert A. Lawson, professor of economics and George H. Moor Chair in the School of Management at Capital University, Bexley, OH

Brandon L. Boyce, National Association of Realtors, Midway, GA

Kimberly L. Reynolds, BBA University of Georgia, MIS, Athens, GA

Ann Clark, RN, The Objectivist Center, Middletown, RI

Anton Sherwood,, Hayward, CA

Kevin Q. Brown, Ph.D., Stanhope, NJ

Ben Byer, B.S. electrical engineering candidate, Rice University, Annandale, VA

Robert Crouse, Raleigh, NC

Stanley Keith Brown, Madison, WI

Brett Bearrick, St. Charles, IL

Diana Robinson, student, Boston, MA

Michael Donahue, Los Angeles, CA

Rachel S. Heslin, Big Bear City, CA

Michael St. Laurent, Democrat, Big Bear City, CA

Michael Lorton, San Francisco, CA

Judi Pfancuff, communications manager at a Fortune 500 diversified industrial corporation, Cleveland, OH

Ernest M Sharp, firefighter, Orlando, FL

James Bryan Swayze, concerned citizen, quadriplegic and diabetic, Battle Ground, WA

Kathleen Cotter, chiropractor, Los Angeles, CA

Mark Buddle, Schenectady, NY

Brent H. Thomas, BSCS FSU, Longwood, Fl

Patrick Clancy, Issaquah, WA

Alvin Chen, graduate student, UCLA Computer Science Department, San Jose, CA

Robert Congdon, self-employed, Woodburn, OR

James B Lewis, James B Lewis Enterprises, Seattle, WA

Robert Shiller, New York, NY

Elina Nudelman, New York, NY

Gregory M. Fahy, Ph.D., 21st Century Medicine, Corona, CA

Dean Thompson, Texas SQL Users, Friendswood, TX

Jeff Wilton, Independent, Ava, IL

Caterina M. Platt, residential real estate appraiser, National Association of Realtors, Los Lunas, NM

Richard Soreff, retired CPA, Freeport, NY

Jacqueline Soreff, teacher at senior centers, Freeport, NY

Joel Velasco, Concerned citizen, Washington, DC

Richard Storey, President, Primera Financial Group, LLC, Savannah, GA

Mike Ruebush, Reno, NV

Onur Sarisaban, Harvard Law School (student), Cambridge, MA

Paul Boutin, technology writer, San Francisco, CA

Barbara Randol, Portland, OR

Curtis Scott, Four Sigma Investment Advisors, Sunnyvale, CA

Mark Cridland, registered Democrat, Los Angeles, Ca

Carol A. Challed, Brooklyn, NY

Mark H Sundstrom, retired computer programmer, Columbus, OH

Michael Roeder, Independent, Honolulu, HI

David A Tepper, Social Security Administration, Alexandria, VA

Albert Zirpoli, Jr., Los Angeles,, Ca

Laurence Bjorkman, Metier Noesis, Inc., New York, NY

Dean Hildebrandt, Simsbury, CT

Mark Amerman, Silver Spring, MD

Tim Hartin, Michael Best & Frierich, Mt. Horeb, WI

Patrick Woolsey, chief operating officer, Bare Bones Software Inc., Nashua, NH

Michael W. Brady, Marietta, GA

James R. Mather, Woodstock, IL

Hilda Hartling, librarian, middle-aged, centrist, Columbia, Mo

Javier A. Gonzalez, Georgetown University graduate student, Washington, DC, DC

Oreta Hinamon Taylor, office manager, Atlanta, GA

Damon W. Root, writer, New York, NY

Michael F. McGarrity, None, Middletown, DE

James Blakey, Chadds Ford, PA

Thomas Gower, Silver Spring, MD

Alain Soutenet, Mill Valley, CA

Steven Simon, San Jose, CA

Ronald Binns, Oak Harbor, WA

Scott Hamilton, diabetic, Cincinnati, OH

Philip Wilson, individual, Sudbury, MA

Dudley Crawford, Missouri City, TX

John Lanius, attorney, Plano, TX

Robert A. Roland, conservative, Denver, CO

Ellana Livermore, Freemont Avenue Software, Inc., Houston, TX

Erik Nielsen, technology literacy program specialist, City of Oakland, Oakland, CA

Benjamin Bridgman, department of economics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Sean Kinsell, curriculum director, The Princeton Review of Japan, Allentown, PA

Gordon Blewis, vice president, research, Campbell and Company, Towson, MD

Jeffrey Blehar, student, Baltimore, MD

Alice Cheng, undergraduate, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Richard A. McFadden, Jr., retired pilot, Midland, TX

Kieran Lyons, Software Engineer, Smartville, CA

Ronald Barrett, Republican, San Jose, Ca

(Augie) Worth Walter Seaman, Los Angeles, CA

Tom Carr, software architect, Tiburon, CA

Michael C. McCarthy, Saint Paul, MN

John H. Looney, retired - former Xerox engineer, Fairport, NY

Kirk Parker, AppTech, Inc., Tacoma, WA

Sally Williams, Austin, TX

Jonathan Armstrong, General Dynamics, Monument, CO

Angela Winner, computer programmer, Auburn, WA

Jesse Walker, Reason, Baltimore, MD

David H. Nix, Tucson, AZ

John F. Dumas, Libertarian, software development professional, Kingwood, TX

William Dalasio, risk analyst, TIAA CREF, New York, NY

John S Allison, USAF, Lawton, OK

John Cunningham, university faculty union representative, Fairbanks, AK

Kyle David Jelle, author, Tacoma, WA

Bob Mulroy, Eugene, OR

Laura Antoniou, Flushing, NY

Francis Logan, Democrat, Long Beach, CA

Dr. Aeon J. Skoble, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA

Robert L. Hurt, PhD, Caltech, Los Angeles, CA

Kaleb T. Murphy, Republican, Tulsa, OK

Edward Johnson, graduate student, economics, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Venkatesh Iyer, software engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA

Judith S. Shapiro, Ph.D., Madonna University, Ann Arbor, MI

Kenneth Ulrich, College Station, TX

Mark Seecof, systems architect, The Seattle Times, Issaquah, WA

Robert Heimer, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

Dale Gieringer, Drug Policy Forum of California, San Francisco, CA

Jacob Asplund, Madison, WI

Michelle Aldrich, San Francisco, CA

Tim Gee, Seattle, WA

Charles K. Acker, Libertarian, Phoenix, AZ

Carl W. Rogers, Jr., architect, Wise, VA

David A. Guard, MPP, Washington, DC

Kelly A. Miller, Novato, CA

Kate Redmond, Ph.D., chemist, Wilmington, DE

Mark Horowitz, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Star Fitzgerald, Austin, CA

Jax Jackson, Austin, TX

David Link, attorney, Pasadena, CA

Edmund Hack, systems engineer for Spacecraft Systems, Houston, TX

Robert Horn, Maynard, MA

Susan E. Barwick, PhD candidate, Institute of Philosphic Studies, University of Dallas, Lewisville, TX

William Henley, Cleveland, OH

Ralph Sherrow, Safe Access Now, Hayward, CA

DC Pierson, Phoenix, AZ

Philip Wolff, Oakland, CA

Brian Sinclair, Phoenix, AZ

George Tselekis, Ithaca, NY

Rod Peet Jr., Port Matilda, PA

David Wilker, Pace International Union, Pocatello, Id

Karen Skelton, mother, San Francisco,, CA

Brian Robert Kimble, student, La Mirada, CA

Anne Riecken, Center Lovell, ME

Aprilynn C. Gray, Tacoma, WA

F. Jefferson Flowers, software engineer / analyst, Madison, AL

Lee Ann Patterson, concerned citizen, mother, daughter, and wife, Topeka, KS

Chelsea Rosenthal, Stamford, CT

Peter Jackson, Apple Computer, Austin, TX

Kenneth L. Rich, Concord, CA

Rosemary Rich, Concord, CA

Lee Cole, PhD, adjunct, Metropolitian State College of Denver, Denver, CO

Scott Wood, Malta, NY

Alex Grant, student at Arizona State, Tempe, AZ

Brent Michael Krupp, Mercer Island, WA

Monsyne M. Dragon, Ashland, OR

Gregory W Cramer, Winnetka, IL

Marc Danziger, Torrance, CA

E. Dale Franks Jr. MCP, MOUS, Escondido, CA

Bruce Rheinstein, attorney, Woodbridge, VA

David Stroup, station manager, WHFH-FM, Flossmoor, Homewood, IL

Seth Blackshaw, research fellow, eepartment of genetics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Peter Kavaler, Castro Valley, CA

George M. Wallace, Wallace Grantham & Schwartz LLP, Los Angeles, CA

J Patrick Tooman, Sag Harbor, NY

James K. Barnes, Arlington, VA

Diane Leibel, Alameda, CA

Paul S. Jennison, retired, Concord, CA

Roy W Mumaw, Nipomo, CA

Dr. Kenneth L. Rehg, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

Steven Kurtz, Los Angeles, CA

Chris Beh, Austin, TX

Edward B. Poinsett, retired, Demorest, GA

Thomas Westberg, engineer, VideoGuide, Inc., Stow, MA

Samarth Pai, Bellevue, WA

Evan Kirchhoff, president, Comrade Software, San Francisco, CA

Steven D. Antler, Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL

Paul Molstad, Molstad & Associates, Brookfield, WI

Scott Lawton, software entrepreneur, Chelmsford, MA

Daniel Grisinger, Seattle, WA

Patrick Lee Meherin, chess instructor, writer, film director, lifeguard, Canoga Park, CA

Geoffrey Litwack, Los Angeles, CA

Millie Thomas, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

Joe Bush, III, Harvey, LA

Robert Rosenberg, Arrelle, Chicago, IL

Ian Davis, Bedford, TX

James D. Ivers, PhD, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI

Michael Daley, Jackson, CA

Jonathan Gewirtz, Miami, FL

Joycelyn S. Woods, M.A., New York, NY

Arthur Fleischman, Boston, MA

James S. Banta, Grand Rapids, MI

Lee R Willis, Livermore, CA

Ronald C. Nitz, San Diego, CA

Kenneth J. Doran, lawyer and writer, Doran Law Offices, Madison, WI

Matthew Traylor, sysadmin, Fort Collins, CO

Michael D. C. Drout, assistant professor of English, Wheaton College, Norton, MA

Paul Safier, department of political science, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

James S. Gibbs, Jr., attorney, Winston-Salem, NC

Harry A Pool, Republican, computer programmer, former officer US Army, Colorado Springs, CO

Donald E Kensler, Birmingham, MI

Kathleen Walsh, student, Stetson University, Orlando, FL

Craig A. Maas, Fargo, ND

Roger Sweeny, Norwood, MA

Michael Edwards, KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc., Houston, TX

Jesse M. Reeves, Ricky Leazer Trucking, Grayson, Ga

John Brown, Independent, Petrolia, CA

Stephen C. Scott, superintendent, Defensive Missile Analysis Branch, USSTRATCOM, USAF, Las Vegas, NV

Lane McFadden, New York University Law School (student), New York City, NY

Dale Felber, F&F International, Inc., Carson City, NV

Margaret Wilkman, Chapel Hill, NC

Thomas John Moore, Anderson, SC

Gene Manheim, Sunnyvale, CA

James Rogers, Greensboro, NC

Hunt Eavans Johnsen, Hunt Johnsen Designs/Wave Witch Kayaks, Honolulu, HI

Byron Bagnell, Salt Lake City, Ut

Melody Trainor, student, Minneapolis, MN

Tonja Tolleson, Baytown, TX

Stephen Hall, San Francisco, CA

Paul Jeffrey Abbott, engineer, veteran, libertarian, St. Louis, MO

Mary McArthur, translator, San Francisco, CA

Mark Scherer, Ph.D., Computer Programmer, Centennial, CO

Phillip Cheung, product manager, Los Angeles, CA

Gene Hoffman, Jr., founder, president and chief executive officer - Inc., founder PrivNet, Inc., Emerald Hills, CA

George Harris, student, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Bruce A. Locke, student, State University of New York at New Paltz, New Paltz, NY

Anthony A. Swenson, owner, Wind River Archaeology, Worland, WY

Dr. Gabriel H. Elkaim, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Michael B. Feil, mathematical statistician, Reston, VA

Wade Vagle, Woodbury, MN

Erik Zolan, Normal, IL

Lloyd Buchanan, Greenwich, CT

Peter Kauffner, Minneapolis, MN

James E. Dixon, Mannington, WV

Steven Parsons, Raleigh, NC

William S. Cornell, Emmett, MI

Robert Felt, Atlanta, GA

Daniel Jacobson, department of philosophy, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

David B Stimpson, Chicago, IL

N D Smith, Larkspur, CA

Darmon Thornton, Las Vegas, NV

Lillian Thiemann, VHConcepts, Gardiner, NY

Glenn E. Boice, Farmington, CT

Garland K. Stewart, Atlanta, GA

Barry L. Harkness, Scottsdale, AZ

Richard E Larson, Independent, Takoma Park, MD

M. M. Hutchison, DDS, Callao, Va

Marian Paul, Portland, OR

Patrick T. Dunne, Altamont Counseling Associates, PC, Birmingham, Al

Ryan Boren, software engineer, Dallas, TX

Troy C. Henley, Republican, El Paso, TX

James Conway, Milwaukee, WI

Michael Schubert, University of California, Irvine, Costa Mesa, CA

Lionel R Rapanault Jr, Independent, Jersey City, NJ

David Cordeiro, Tulsa, OK

Loren R. Mahannah, libertarian, Belmont, CA

Amy Inman, M.D., Mt. Pleasant, SC

Brian Hooks, program director, Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Washington, DC

John G. Inman, M.D., Mt Pleasant, SC

Colleen Kennedy, choral director, Los Angeles, CA

Michael Battaglia, editor, Heisenberg's Fun House, New York NY

Kevin Shaum, Houston, TX

Keith Terranova, New York, NY

Catherine G. Barrett, college student, Pittsburgh, PA

Stephen Shulman, department of political science, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Scott Lackey, Santa Fe, NM

Tristan Bukowski, Sunnyvale, CA

Timothy M Sheridon, Rocklin, CA

David Clark, mechanical engineer, Breckenridge, CO

Dale Leopold, Institute of Database Developers, Richmond, VA

Dan Rector, Chicago, IL

Carmen Phillips, Boston, MA

Ryan Olson, Shawnee, KS

Phillip Winn, Carrollton, TX

Edward Kelly, Rolling Hills Estate, CA

Richard Murphy, student, University of Michigan, Chelsea, MI

Robin B. Shore, Everett, MA

Larry Johnston, publishing, Des Moines, IA

Peggy Johnston, artist, Des Moines, IA

Robert Antee, San Rafael, CA

Barrie Greene, San Francisco, CA

Roger Bixby, Irvine, CA

Roderick D. Sanders, Republican, Tulsa, OK

Shelby Clark, attorney, Los Gatos, CA

Tom Nugent, Norwood, MA

Bob Hovorka, MPA Alumni, University of San Francisco, Galt, CA

Andrew Peterson, Long Beach, CA

Kenneth J. Rich, San Francisco, CA

Todd M. Bass, Denver, CO

Carolynn Burwick, Kingston, NY

Dr. Jonathan T. Reynolds, Northern Kentucky University, Newport, KY

Thomas Spencer, programmer, Mountain View, CA

John Alexander Knapp, B.S. in biochemistry, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, author of the website Heretical Ideas (, Springfield, MA

Frank Zoeckler, Encinitas, CA

Heather Burns, Fairbanks, AK

John Bryan, Galveston, TX

Antonia Litsinger, Mount Airy, MD

Jason Boulette, Wilmington, DE

Martin Kentfield, Hanover, MD

Theodore H. Frank, attorney, Arlington, VA

Michael E. Rolish, MIT undergraduate, Cambridge, MA

Victor V. Vurpillat, Life Extension Foundation, San Jose, CA

Lola Henderson, college student, Las Vegas, NV

Paul F McMahon, Newberg, OR

Suzanne Wills, Drug Policy Forum of Texas, Dallas, TX

Kathy Kinsley, Independent, Ft Myers, FL

Seth Butler, Glens Falls, NY

Stefan Wrobel, University of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA

Jesse Noonan, Harrisburg, PA

Tim Payne, Wheaton Public Library, Wheaton, IL

Gregory Banville, Libertarian, Houston, TX

Eric Olsen, Tres Producers website, author, journalist, TV and radio personality, Aurora, OH

Michael Edward McNeil, Glassey-McNeil Technologies, Felton, CA

Annie Stauber, New York, NY

Christian Menard, MHS, PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD

Joey Comeau, writer, Aurora, OH

Suzanne deVries, Dartmouth College 2001, New York, NY

Ashley Pingree, graduate of the University of Utah in chemical and fuels engineering, Salt Lake City, UT

Stephen Skaggs, Grants Pass, OR

John W. Crosbie, Haddonfield, NJ

Christopher Nelson, E. Greenbush, NY

Paul Hager, Member, Republican Liberty Caucus, Bloomington, IN

Natasha Vita-More, founder, Transhumanist Arts & Culture, council of advisors, Extropy Institute, advisor, Alcor Foundation, Marina del Rey, CA

Richard Espy, Los Angeles, CA

Richard M. Nelson Jr., Cambridge, MA

Michael Ladd, Sudbury, MA

David A. Vanderwerf, software engineer, Townsend, MA

Kevin Bloom, research secretary, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Chris Durfee, spinal injury, Bedford, NY

Wise Young, Ph.D., M.D., Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Barb Lovelace, nurse, Quincy, IL

Carey L. Peschke, Kalaheo, HI

Christopher D. Lay, senior analyst, Science Applications International Corp., Arlington, Va

Scott McCarter, executive board member, TIRR Family, Houston, TX

David L. Schaedig, Alpena, MI

Elizabeth Scott, Riverside, CA

Jeff Melcher, Grand Prairie, TX

Patricia A. Santy, M.D., Ann Arbor, MI

Gilbert Ross MD, American Council on Science and Health, New York, NY

William Braden, physician in private practice, Providence, RI

David C. Smart, Fairport, NY


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