Postmaster of the Year

Subject:      1995 Postmaster of the Year
From:         [email protected] (TNI Awards)
Date:         1996/04/24
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Note: This isn't an abuse report but I thought many of you would
appreciate this. There are plenty of people in this group that work
hard for the net and I wish to point out that you deserve recognition


April 23, 1996

Tifa Networks Incorporated (TNI) announces the 1995 Postmaster of
the Year awards. These awards are in recognition of outstanding
service to the Internet community by three individuals. The winners
demonstrated a strong commitment to their company and to the
worldwide Internet community during 1995. The recipients have
delivered a high level of service by responding to issues regarding
their Internet site.

The postmaster is the primary contact for an Internet site. He or she
is the first person contacted when there is a problem with electronic
mail, Usenet, or even the World Wide Web.

"The postmaster not only deals with technical problems such as
undeliverable e-mail, but also takes the brunt of complaints about the

behavior of their customers," said Jody Boyd, general manager for
Internet services at TNI. "While the majority of customer problems are

due to a new user testing their wheels on the Information
Superhighway, sometimes an individual causes an electronic version of
a hailstorm by something they say or do on the Internet. More often
than not correspondence about users is sent to the postmaster who may
literally receive thousands of complaints for each alleged
transgression. The postmaster must try to mediate these clashes and
clean up after any accidents on the infohighway. The diplomacy part of

the job is in addition to the day to day technical chores. The
challenge of being a gatekeeper on the Internet and several grams of
caffeine per day may keep postmasters energized, but a pat on the back

should be helpful too."

These awards show appreciation for the top individuals that the
company had contact with during the year. There are hundreds if not
thousands of other postmasters that keep also deliver professional
service to the Internet community. TNI invites the customers and
employers of postmasters everywhere to take a moment to send a note
of thanks to those deserving recognition.

The winners of the award were presented a certificate of appreciation
and a T-shirt in March 1996 by the corporation. The winners (listed
alphabetically) are:

Cor Bosman, XS4ALL.
Internet service provider, International.

James Lippard, Primenet Services for the Internet.
Internet service provider, USA.

David O'Donnell, America Online.
Commercial online service, USA.

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