[Published in Saucer Smear, vol. 39, no. 1, January 20, 1992, p. 6.]

JIM LIPPARD, a leading Arizona skeptic, writes as follows:

"....About Al Seckel - we did reprint one article by him, as you've seen, but this was a couple of years before we heard anything about his various misrepresentations and so forth. (I've still not heard anything but rumors, so I'm hesitant to say any more.) I think his article stands on its own merits.

"About your Randi stuff - it's good to see some details about things I had previously only heard as rumors (e.g., the blackmail stuff, and the details about Byrd's own legal history). The only thing you didn't address was Randi's claim that Geller's Japanese complaint is based on mistranslation. In the May 1991 issue of 'Skeptical Briefs', p. 11 ('Randi Responds to Geller'), Randi writes: 'Far from handling the present "libel" suit that is now being answered, which is the real matter at hand, Mr. Geller next launches into the account about events he says took place in Japan in 1988. He chooses to accept what he has been told I said there, without any question, quoting at one point from one faulty translation that suits his purpose, then switching to another. Since no action has yet been brought against me in Japan, I will be wise not to comment on his accusations in that matter, but I assure you that the facts are rather different from what he represents.'"