From the Arizona State University State Press, March 22, 1984.


You only need to look at one of Bob Crowley's points (State Press, Mar. 21) to see how laughable the claims of creation "scientists" are. In response to a statement from an archaeologist that the "human" footprints in the Paluxy river area were too large and irregularly spaced to be human, the Bible News Bulletin responded with the claim that since people lived longer back then, they had "more time to grow big feet." As for the irregular spacing, it is obvious because these humans were attempting to outrun rising floodwaters and dinosaurs at the same time.

This argument--as well as those such as explaining away the apparent age of the universe by claiming the speed of light is not a constant--are an insult to human intelligence. Yet these are examples of what creation scientists want us to believe.

Jim Lippard