From the Arizona State University State Press, February 26, 1985.

Definite stage offered for humanity of babies


Perhaps the pro-abortionists are inconsistent. Pro-choicers are not necessarily inconsistent. Pro-lifers, though, are.

Pro-lifers argue (as Mr. Echols tells us) that "no matter what the development stage, whether zygote, teenager, or geriatric, human life is at all phases equally and fully human." This is clearly an absurd statement. I assert that all human beings have bodies, brains, and minds. An embryo develops a body and brain, but whether or not it has a mind is subject to debate. It is clear that a developing baby is not a human being until at least this stage.

If, however, it is argued that zygotes have a "right to life" because they are potential human beings, my response is, why stop there? Since every human sperm and egg cell is potentially a human life, we should outlaw onanism and menstruation. Someday we may be able to clone human beings (perhaps even from dead cells), so it should also be illegal to shave, cut your fingernails, or bathe.

Jim Lippard
Sophomore, Computer Science