From the Tucson Weekly, January 24-30, 1990, vol. 6, no. 49, p. 2.

Paying For Choice

To the Editor,

In "Recalling the '80s" (Tucson Weekly, Jan. 10-16), it was claimed that Sandra Day O'Connor's "best move" and "biggest goof" involved "voting against abortion." This is misleading, to say the least. Voting to allow states to restrict public funding of abortions should not count as voting "against abortion" any more than voting to stop farm subsidies is "against farming." Just as my right to own a car is not in the least bit infringed by the fact the government won't buy one for me and my right to free speech is not diminished because the government doesn't pay to give me my own prime-time television show or distribute the manifesto of my choice to the entire population, a woman's right to abortion is not negated by lack of public funding. Pro choicers frequently speak out against government involvement in the abortion issue, and that should apply to government funding as well. It should also be realized that just as forcing a woman to carry a child to term is a form of slavery, so is forcing other people to work in order to pay for her abortion. Slavery, in all its forms, should be opposed.

--Jim Lippard