[beliefs] Re: charges of plagiarism

From: Peter Huston ([email protected])
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 13:25:01 MST

Let me just point out that although I greatly respect Jim Lippard's ability
to sort these things out, I don't think it's really so much relevent
whether or not he personally feels the matter of alleged plagiarism is
worth pursuing. There are many other people on the list who are now anxious
to hear both sides of the story.

Let me remind you that Linda Rosa brought up the allegations first.

Let me also remind people that several years ago, Jim Lippard discovered
evidence of plagiarism by Robert Baker and publicized it. Publicizing
allegations of ethical misconduct among skeptics, within skeptic-dom, is
quite a thankless task, and he came under a lot of flak because of it. I
think that he'll do the right thing, but even on the off chance that he
doesn't I think many others would like to hear the full story.

I, personally, am anxious to watch this whole thing unfold further.

                   Peter Huston
              [email protected]

   "Time always shows me it's hard to
       understand how to be myself."
                            -Cibo Matto


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