[beliefs] charges of plagiarism

From: Mark Sigurdson ([email protected])
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 15:51:23 MST

Peter Huston wrote:

Let me just point out that although I greatly respect Jim Lippard's ability
to sort these things out, I don't think it's really so much relevant
whether or not he personally feels the matter of alleged plagiarism is
worth pursuing. There are many other people on the list who are now anxious
to hear both sides of the story.
Some of us, not so much.

"This new list is set up to discuss healthfraud and other similar topics.
In particular, to
discuss how to actually do something about these things rather than just
talk about them. We
want to get new, younger blood into the discussion. This is a private,
invited list managed by
Peter Crowcroft and Rosemary Jacobs. Messages cannot be read by
non-members. Setup august 27,

I thought this forum was supposed to be about the practical considerations
in combating health quackery. Very little of what I have read in the past
weeks has been of any practical benefit, little has been constructive and
certainly, from a certain perspective, has been destructive. Now I have to
read this catty pissing match between two different camps about alleged
plagiarism that occurred over a year ago in a journal I have never read
(sorry Wally). I'm sorry, but I don't understand how this debate (if you
could call it that) has any bearing. Perhaps another list devoted to this
fascinating pastime could be registered and the combatants transfer their
passion to that forum.

Mark Sigurdson

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